15 – Unity Platformer Game Tutorial – Game Manager


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  1. I just realized I saw this tutorial before and liked it. I can't like it twice, so instead sending love <3

  2. What if none of the GameObjects you need in the 2nd scene are in the Main Menu? I've got a weird situation where I'm instantiating the instance when "New Game" is pressed. It works great for the first level, but when I make the next scene change, all the objects show as missing – but only for the first turn! On the second turn, most of the objects appear again! Any idea what's going on here? Thanks for a great tutorial…

  3. Great tutorial and thanks, but…

    How many times do I have to hear Gay-manager before I burst into immature giggling… sigh… nnnngggg!! lol

  4. Hey, I put my email but never received the assets. I used two accounts


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