2018 Holiday Bowl #22 Northwestern vs Utah Full Game Highlights


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  1. Northwestern was driving when Utah took their QB out of the game, otherwise NW scores again. In all the games Utah has won this year they've taken out at least one major player on the other team, I'm glad they didn't get the win this time. They're dirty.

  2. give up on NCAA.  9-4 Utah gets the holiday bowl and 10-2 Utah state gets the N. Mexico bowl versus N. Texas state.  bullshit.

  3. On ESPN's game predictor, with 7:36 in the 3rd, (Utah 20-10, 1st & goal at the 6) Utah had a 94.6% chance to win….7:36 later (at the end of the 3rd quarter) Utah had a 7% chance to win. Well that one got away from them…

  4. I agree with Gus Johnson. The best teams should be able to play in any weather. How about a semifinal at Lambeau?

  5. I have never seen a game with that many turnovers before and I mean street football,grade school,high school,collage football or in the pros.
    The football gods certainly turned their backs on Utah.

  6. Was there a boring game this year? Not if you understand college football and realize that the level of play, even from "minor" conferences, is far more advanced than ever. Can anyone appreciate a low scoring game between two teams with explosive offenses, like Oregon and Michigan State? This was a good game! When can you see Northwestern play against Utah? It's a type of National Championship. Well played!

  7. Did anyone catch gus comment at 10:57😂 boy threw shade at the cfp committee how about a semifinal in the elements!

  8. Utah blew a 17 point lead in the 2nd half and isn't even a Top 5 team in the Pac-12, never will be contenders in that shitty ass Conference especially when you choke leads like that LMAO.


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