2019 World Series Game 7 (Nationals vs. Astros) | #OpeningDayAtHome


Next up, watch as the Nationals come back in Game 7 of the 2019 World Series against the Astros to take home the World Series title!

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MLB YouTube channel:
8:30am ET: 2018 NLDS Game 1 (Rockies vs. Brewers)
12:00pm ET: Angels vs. Yankees, May 26th, 2018
3:00pm ET: 2019 World Series Game 7 (Nationals vs. Astros)
6:05pm ET: 2016 World Series Game 7 (Cubs vs. Indians)
10:30pm ET: 2014 World Series Game 7 (Giants vs. Royals)

MLB Vault YouTube channel:
1:05pm ET: 2019 Opening Day: Pirates vs. Reds
4:00pm ET: 2014 ALDS Game 2: Tigers vs. Orioles

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  1. I was there right behind center field in the bar area…if I would have known about the camera guy in center, I would have helped him relay the damn signals faster to the players 😢

  2. I’m re-watching this on Independence Day 2020 because there’s no baseball due to the Coronavirus. Go Nats!

  3. my first thought when the nationals won the world series was, mmmmmm I wonder how bryce harper feeling. Im pretty sure he was like, aint that uh B–ch LMBO…

  4. Credit to buck: vid title should be changed to: kendricks heroics lead to game 7 victory or kendricks a hero once again or something along those lines

  5. Even smoltz couldn’t believe the numbers the Astros were putting at home. Know he and everyone else knows why. Cheaters!!!

  6. All those men left on base – I had a feeling Houston was setting themselves up to lose once Greinke lost steam. What a performance by Greinke, though – amazing pitching and defense wasted. Why bring in a pitcher who let up a big home run the night before (shades of the 2001 World Series almost blown by Arizona)?

  7. The Nationals fooled these cheaters using a high-level sign system with more than one catcher…away. Such a great series.

  8. 1:58:05 the astros banged trash cans to beat the dodgers , but the nationals banged the foul pole to beat the astros

  9. I still cant believe Cole wasnt used. One of the worst manager decisions in sports history. It'd be like phil jackson sitting MJ on final possession in a Finals game

  10. wow that pitch the ump completely missed an blew @1:56:00 completely blew the game. they should've also left Grienke in the game, he was mowing them down, 2 hits and 1 walk. It hurts teams in game 7 more than it helps when one of the elite pitchers in the game who is throwing a gem has such a short leash. I get it if he was getting shelled but he wasn't. And he might've even K'd soto had that ump not blown the call. I don't like the Astros very much but you cannot ignore that a 2-2 count to Soto would've gone differently since you're now in protect mode and the pitcher has 2 pitches to work with. And then because of that missed strike he has 1 pitch to throw and walks em, and makes the game 3-2 instead of 2-2. I'd say both bad call by the ump and poor managing.

  11. what is this announcer talking about @56:20 Grienke's delivery is super repeatable and simple. it is lift, bend back leg slightly and extend the front leg and arms at the same time, slight pause, then rotate like a hitter would. But rotate downhill, not flat like you would when swinging a bat. It's one of the reasons why he can hit so well and for power because he is a rotational pitcher and hitting is rotational. Most rotational pitchers hit very well, Arrieta, Bumgarner, Grienke etc.

  12. To be honest,I was rooting for the Nationals to win. Maybe that has something to do with Stephen Strasberg being on that team.

  13. How the umpire crew could not acknowledge the chorus of whistles coming from the Houston dugout says volumes. Through 7 games Houston benefited from 105 of 159 missed and borderline balls & strikes. A bit of justice is that crewchief Cedarstrom is no longer employed. Wish the same could be said from the rest of the criminals envolved. I can't help wonder if there would of even been an investigation if the Astros won.

  14. the comedian Pablo francisco is a librarian who wants me to walk back up again to the braden river library THIS TIME to print out another "nsu poster " by "six six six !? " 🤣🤣 #EIGHTOCLOCKCOFFEE


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