A look at Archetypes in Smash! (MSC Special)


Initially, I just wanted to talk in-depth about glass cannons, but decided to cover more as they’re all very much connected. Hope you find the topic interesting!

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Couldn’t commission an artist this time. Just did it all on my own. Sorry if some parts look sloppy.

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  1. I think Smash characters can fall under multiple archetypes, and I think Pro Guides took a step in the right direction in defining them, because these more "traditional" archetypes are a bit too niche to be accurate for Smash. Pro Guides has Rushdown, Sword, Zoner, and Heavy. These can be too broad, as most of the cast winds up being Rushdown, which isn't really specific enough. I think if we treated those as like a "primary" archetype (like Pokémon typing) while also taking the archetypes in these videos as secondary descriptor. For example, Zelda could be a Zoner/Glass Cannon.

  2. Yeah but Bowser moves faster than most characters in the game has extremely high wait. And ridiculous kill power in smash four and ultimate

  3. 1:09 Wow, Ultimate makes this roster look tiny…

    Oh wait no DLC never mind. Do more MSC specials, My Smash Corner!

  4. Feel you really should have mentioned the zoner and rushdown archetypes. Zoner is long-ranged focus, rushdown is short-ranged focus.

  5. You may have already heard from another comment years ago, but the Pokemon Company's banning of Mew, Jirachi, Celebi, and the other mythicals is generally unwarranted. Smogon (the big organized fanbase ruleset) bans all the 680 "base stat total" Pokemon by default, and any other Pokemon, mythical or otherwise, who demonstrates power that changes the meta or outright eliminates gameplay options, such as switching. For example, all Pokemon who can have the ability Shadow Tag are banned to Uber, where they get to play with the big boys, because switching Pokemon defensively is a core mechanic.
    The aforementioned "end-Pokedex mythical" Pokemon are all at a 600 base stat total, with 100 in each. High average, for anyone, but none of their sets have come close to breaking the game.
    Until Marshadow, that is!

  6. I believe King Dedede is a pretty well-rounded character used for competitive play or to mess around every once and a while 👌

  7. What about Captain Falcon? He is the second fastest in the game, has some very powerful moves, and isn’t a lightweight.

  8. "I know she isn't in smash but tracer is a perfect example."

    To think Tracer now has a chance to be DLC in SSBU….what a world we live in.

  9. "Know I know shes not from Smash but I can't bring up this archetype without mentioning Tracer" Next direct dude 🙁

  10. Palutena could also be a fragile speedster. Though it’s only if she has customs on. Aka lightweight, super speed and warp ledge-cancelling

  11. Where would you place Ridley in your opinion? He's big and so are his hitboxes but most of his moves aren't super slow nor do they hit particularly hard (outside of his smash attacks and Bair). He's heavy but not super heavy. Infact he's the lightest big body heavyweight in the game. He's also one of the fastest runners in the game despite all of this.

  12. Zoner: Bad at close range and scrambles but excel when their opponent is far or at disadvantage. Examples: Villager, Ridley, Ike, Samus.

  13. Technically tracer doesn’t have the lowest health in overwatch because zenyatta has mostly shield which is less than normal health

  14. You never even mentioned a single fighting game balanced match up or attributes. Smash players are not FGC. They want to be called that to feel respected, but they don't deserve it tbh. Smash players don't play any other fighting games

  15. Are you stupid???
    Bryan vs Paul vs Devil jin vs jin vs Steve. and plenty other tekken 7 character, this is just top teir balanced match ups.

    Assuming perfect reaction and execution :jin vs geese vs steve take the cake of being the best balanced match up.

    Street fighter 4 was well regarded as the best street fighter balance wise, but I can comment on anything further than Guile vs Ryu vs Akuma.

    Fighting game deves revel in making a balanced fighting game. Smash isn't a fighting game originally. It's a party game turned into a combative failure success in this weird alternate universe. Smash players will never pick up another fighting game after this.

  16. There are also archetypes that deal with time. Like lucario

    He is more balanced early on, but becomes a freaking glass cannon as his damage gets higher

  17. How I play:

    If immunity to attacks are possible, I’ll try to get them by sacrificing a lot of speed and damage

    If else, I have stupidly high attack to kill my enemies as fast as possible so I barely take any damage

  18. My smash corner: you cant wave a hundred pound fist and expect it to be fast
    Smash ultimate: bowser aka the heavist charter in the game, his movement is as fast, I'f not faster than most medium weight
    My smash corner: so that means he takes a long time to kill other players right?
    Smash ultimate: no

  19. Meta Knight, a game breaker in Brawl, is actually a fragile speedster. But due to his hitbox size, that almost makes him impossible to hit.


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