Ask GN 55: What Really Happens When You Cap FPS?


This episode of Ask GN talks about what really happens when you limit FPS, talks Premiere vs. alternatives, case colors, and more.
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01:00 – Question about switching software from Premiere & business cost

04:00 – matthaus woolard: “For your big rendering task, why do you not use a Linux kernel you may well find a significant performance boost with Blender. Some users report up to 2x speed boost and no random restarts due to windows updates etc.”

05:06 – Scooby Dooby: “@Steve Burke What is the correlation, if any, between FPS highs and FPS lows? Specifically as they relate to CPU or GPU performance (And even more specifically to i5’s in a game like GTA V). I ask because I’ve found in my personal experience that by limiting the maximum frame rate in a game I can eliminate “game breaking” FPS lows and have a buttery smooth experience. I’ve often wondered but haven’t tested what the effect would be to average FPS by limiting the maximum FPS in such an instance. Would it be possible to have a net gain of average FPS by limiting maximum FPS? :thinking:”

13:21 – Surpuppa: “Question for the next Ask GN: In your previous video you talked about using three GPUs for rendering. Does the CPU even matter at that point when all of the workload is on the GPUs?”

15:11 – Yourwolfsdengaming: “I guess this is more a question for case manufacturers, but I was wondering if you knew why case manufacturing companies (Fractal and Phanteks, to name a few) seemingly have almost what could be described as ‘random’ color choices for their cases, while simultaneously ditching colors at other points that people really liked. I’m aware it might cost more paint wise, so why not give us the option for a slightly higher cost? You know, like the Phanteks Enthoo Pro cases did where ‘white’ was $10 more than the black variant.”

20:33 – BlackTower: “I would appreciate the zotac 1080ti thermal pad and backplate mod video guide. Thanks GN.”

21:23 – Clayton Fyffe: “For a Ryzen 1700X with a B350 Tomahawk (BIOS 1.6), should I trust Ryzen Master (76°C) or the CPUTIN reading in HWMonitor (106°C) when overclocking? They’re within 5°C at stock.”

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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  1. Eesh. Looks like YouTube might still be processing 1080p. It was there for a moment!
    One thing I realized for Scooby Dooby's comment: GTA V specifically has issues with i5 CPUs that hit the 187FPS limiter in the game, which is something we've previously discussed. In this very peculiar scenario, you actually would greatly benefit from a framerate limit.

  2. People who stupidly think world peace is actually going to happen: this is a real problem, people need food!

    Steve: just throw more hardware at it.

    Future Steve: I'm thinking threadripper 3000!!! Lol

  3. Why does v-sync introduce like 250 ms of input lag though? At least that's what it feels like. I just can't stand it, i'll kill the game exe if it doesn't stop fast enough.

  4. cost to learn a program? um no, there are courses on youtube for free genius. youre pretty dumb when it comes to common sense things

  5. Can thermal pads be stacked on each other? I have thick pads that barely anyone makes and hard to find. Would stacking two (or more) thinner ones result in a significantly degraded thermal transfer? Or is it "fine".

  6. I came here specifically for the second question regarding frame rate limiters and if they just accept the first x amount of fps or if they actually spread the frames throughout each second, and I have to say I couldn't be any happier with your answer. I plan to watch the rest of the video when I have time simply because of how thorough and clear you were with that response – I feel I can learn so much from these videos. Subscribed immediately. Wish I came across this channel sooner!

  7. if your lan party is limited via game engine is there a world clock or could one player be infront of the rest

  8. If you've limited FPS to 60 or 80 fps for example.. but you've got headroom to be running at 110fps.. your GPU will be conserving power and running at lower temps and voltage.. and then when a 1% low hits.. like you come around a corner in a 64 player multiplayer game and there is a choke point.. there will be more chance.. that the GPU has some juice in reserve to turbo a bit higher and smooth out the fps dip. It still might not be able to keep at the framerate limit.. but let's just say.. it might have spiked to 45fps.. and but now, it's possible it'll stay at 50fps or 55fps. This only works for short durations.. but those spikes usually are short durations. If it's a long duration 1% low dip.. then you should turn detail settings down a bit or buy better hardware.

  9. i like the top left information about each topic . i hate the over puking info about the fps repeatendly saying the words the has zero fuck use… like every 0016 seconds or what ever… it to much puke overkill

  10. i upgraded the wraith prism on my 2700x to a d15 se am4. my fps went through the roof. i wasnt paying attention to fps only cpu temps when playing war thunder. it stayed the same 63C – 65C like normal but with higher auto clock speeds. then i took my headset off and heard a loud consistent whining noise from my gpu and immediately exited the game and it went away. i looked up gpu whine and found something about fps going past the Hz of a monitor. my monitor is 144Hz. so i checked msi afterburner and the highest fps was 1708 on my xfx rx590 8gb fatboy. im trying to find away to limit the fps to see if that would work. i built this my first pc tuesday of last week and never had a problem with it before but the fps never even went that high. i dont know what the max was before but once i saw it at 156fps when playing. i dont think i ever saw it go below 130fps. im trying to look for a good fps cap software because i dont know much about PCs and i dont really want to mess around in they bios more than i have to such as turning off the auto OC and locking it at 4GHz but i will if i cant find a good solution and figure out how to do it. with the old cooler it kept right at 4.025 GHz and with the new cooler it went up to 4.3 maybe a little higher and bounced around a bit between that and 4.05 and settled on pretty much on that 4.05 most of the time.

  11. As far as coloured cases go, i remember the BitFenix Prodigy. I had the orange one and it was probably the best ITX case I've ever used, athough it was quite big.

  12. I think people who have bad experiences without FPS Caps are probably getting thermal throttling on either the CPU or GPU. There may be some other remote possibilities for explanations, but I have had stuttering because my CPU got hot.

  13. I know this is old but hoping someone can explain this. If I play Overwatch on my 240hz monitor with V-sync on then I get many drops below 240 fps. If I use the in game cap to limit the fps to 240 then I still get many drops below 240 BUT if I use RivaTuner Statistics server to limit the fps to 240 and leave the in game limiter set to 300 fps then I get a butter smooth 240 fps. Why in the world would V-Sync or the in game limiter create many more instances of low FPS than the RivaTuner limiter? Either way if anyone is running very high frame rates and having this issue then I would try RivaTuner to limit.

  14. The real question should be: What is the refresh frequency of your Monitor? 60Hz? (60 Fps), 75Hz? (75 Fps), 85Hz? (85 Fps).. Etcetera.

  15. I'd imagine any gains in minimum frame rate would be due to the GPU having more head room in complex scenes due to the thermals being lower with the reduced power consumption caused by capping.

  16. I'd been assuming an FPS cap could result in better averages if it helps keep the GPU below temps that start to throttle. Is that an incorrect assumption?

  17. x264 team said something about why they don't use CUDA or GPUs at all. Supposedly you can get equivalent or better encode speed with better quality per bit rate using the CPU only with one of the fastest presets. Doing that will supposedly beat the fastest CUDA option on all metrics, speed, quality and bitrate. Unfortunately? For professional production that would require first outputting to the fastest lossless format your production app and something like Handbrake both support, then use that for your final. But you're probably outputting a lossless file anyway. So it's not that much extra work to keep open an instance of Handbrake for when the final encode is ready to begin. If Premier outputs into an mkv file, Handbrake can get started on it as soon as the mkv starts to grow. It won't cause problems because it will be slower.

  18. how do enable after year 1999 effects in Call of duty ghosts and turn on my 144fps, or is it not as advanced as CoD MW1

  19. if your gpu has a boost feature and your maximum fps is close to your monitor's framerate without a frame limiter, enabling a frame limiter is likely to make your gpu boost higher as it will not use full load in most games and applications 24/7 (as long as it can hit your framerate) allowing your card to cool down and boost higher when it needs to to hit your frame limit.

  20. I think the main reason for improvement of fps lows is the fact that the simulation thread isnt working the whole time (as explained in the video). It should then ideally yield the processor (core) to other threats who can do their work – like the tasks the OS needs to do. If the games threads where using all of the CPU time, the os will yield them from time to time to do its own work. That will most likely result in "fps drops" as some game thread doesnt have his needed 16ms of cpu time

  21. Premier vs Alternatives: I'm LMAO… Didn't he just exactly describe "Pay to Win" lol. Why put effort and work into it when you can just throw more money at it.

  22. This was super interesting, AMD's chill feature really does work then huh?, reducing latency in games by having adaptive fps with a lower and upper limit!

  23. 20:00 Wendover Productions has a good video on this, i think it was called Economies of Scale or something like that

  24. Maybe the fps limiting allows the gpiu to stay cooler so it can boost higher when drawing frames… So the longest frame times are sped up…?

  25. Some comments on case colours:
    * I totally agree with your point about more colour variants result in higher production costs.
    * There's a simple work-around for mismatch in colours between plastic and metal parts: Don't try to do them the same colour in the first place! There are many computer cases doing this already.
    * As a user I've had no problems buying a plain case and can of paint to get the case into my desired colour. Just spray the top and side panels any colour you fancy!
    * When I was looking for a case to use for my daughter's first computer I initially wanted to go as cheap as possible, but ended up spending twice as much just to get a case that is pink! (It was a better option in other aspects as well, but the colour was what made me look at it in the first place.)

  26. @ASKGN I just watched your video on how heatpipes and air coolers work and I'm wondering how do the heat pipes work when the cooler is mounted sideways, or in the case of a video card, the heatpipes are horizontal. How does the convection work in that orientation?

  27. Does Windows 10 have any issues (other than authenticating the product key) with swapping motherboards? I am going from a z170 PRO GAMING from ASUS to a Z170X gaming 7 from Gigabyte. I'd rather not do a clean install, but I don't want issues with my system. I remember windows 7 having problems with conflicting drivers. Every Google search turns up hits regarding the product key, which I don't care about.

  28. I know that 2 out of the 4 dyes on the Threadripper are active and the other 2 are inactive and used to balance/support the IHS…. But why not just remove the 2 inactive dyes, rotate the other 2 90* and put them side by side? I'm sure there's a reason, I just haven't heard one yet. Is it that the active dyes by themselves can't support the coolers?
    Side question… Will CPU coolers going forward for Threadripper be covering the whole IHS? I would think more contact is better… is there diminishing returns in heat conductivity and transfer depending on the amount of surface in contact with the cooler? Thanks!

  29. About mining; I recently seen a video about AMD's Instinct cards without any video-out connectors, nor a fan as they are intended to be used in specialized rack cooling systems. It makes me wonder; if they can do that, why hadn't they modified their Instinct cards to use consumer watercooling components so the miners can have their cut-rate Vega's and leave the gamer-oriented cards alone?


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