Best Danganronpa Game?! | Danganronpa VS: Best Class (Murder Games Simulator)


Trigger Happy Havoc. Goodbye Despair. Killing Harmony. When these three game’s classes go head-to-head in a battle to see which game is truly the best, who will win it for their team?! Ladies and gentlemen, SOUND THE HORNS!
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NES Style Scrum (From a deleted Youtube channel, but re-uploaded for you guys as it was a free download when I got it):


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  1. Favorite game: Trigger Happy Havoc (mixture of nostalgia and just thoroughly enjoying the game)
    Game that will win: V3
    Winner: I hope it's my ride-or-die, Kaede
    Loser: Poor Makoto

  2. my favorites
    trigger happy havoc male: Chihiro
    trigger happy havoc female: kyoko
    trigger happy havoc character: probably kyoko
    goodbye despair male: 1 word… hamster yep it's gundham
    goodbye despair female: chiaki chiaki chiaki
    goodbye despair character: chiaki
    killing harmony male: shuichi or gonta
    killing harmony female: himiko
    killing harmony character: himiko
    male throughout the series: probably Chihiro
    female throughout the series: chiaki
    character throughout the series: chiaki

    my least favorite

    trigger happy havoc male: ……..I would say my biggest enemy but since i'm picking only them I guess mondo (my least favorite thh male is monokuma)
    trigger happy havoc female: JUNKO JUNKO JUNKO!
    trigger happy havoc character: -_- my least favorite of all time…….
    goodbye despair male: -_- the character who made me like him at the beginning but as I was starting to like him after I hated him he killed my favorite character….as you can see yea it's him…it's nagito
    goodbye despair female: I would say mikan because she went crazy but it's actually a brat yep hiyoko
    goodbye despair character: -_- nagito….
    killing harmony male: why it's none other than the 1 character that killed my second favorite v3 female character 🙂 ps my second favorite v3 female character is tenko yep it's korekiyo
    killing harmony female: –– I have a lovehate for this character I hate her cause she's a combination of the things I hate in a character but my god is she attractive making me fall inlove with her –-….miu

    the 3 things I hate in a character

    1. they cuss a lot
    2. they are a brat
    & 3. they kill a character I like

    killing harmony character: -_- between the 2….probably korekiyo cause yeah
    male throughout the series: oh boy…. my least favorite male character….nagito
    female throughout the series: yep you know who it is
    character throughout the series: also known as my least favorite character of all time -_- yeah it's that character you probably know who it is now but yeah it's none other than junko herself

    why junko?

    psychopath (which I don't like unless is a yandere or izzy from total drama series)
    but the biggest reason is cause who she killed

    oh not just mukuro
    alter ego
    tried killing makoto

    & in goodbye despair which she was an ai

    so yeah you know why I hate junko with a burning passion

    now my vote for who might win

    male: Chihiro
    female: chiaki
    character: chiaki
    game: goodbye despair

  3. Favourite game: Close between 2 and 3, but I'd have to go with Goodbye Despair.

    First to die: Kokichi
    Winner: Nagito

    I really want these to have a chance in the finale.

    Edit: Dang it. I'm rooting for Kokichi to win now.

    Edit 2: Nagito is dead, so now I'm only really rooting for Kokichi.

    Edit 3: Dang it, now I have no one to root for. Also, Kokichi and Kaito both dying together still bring backs memories to them teaming up.

    Edit 4: Kirumi. Not a bad winner.

  4. Oop, I just got able to see this.
    Favorite game: I can't choose, they're all good
    Which will win?: TTH
    Winner: Taka or Mondo (Come on, they need a win)
    Loser: Makowotowo

  5. Danganronpa 2 was my favorite game, Danganronpa 2 is going to win, and Hajime will secure his win! And Kiibo will be in last place.

  6. 2 cast is my favorite
    V3 is my favorite
    2 will win
    1st mahiru
    48th Fuyuhiko
    It will happen eventually if i keep saying it.

  7. Sees chihiro has GRENADE
    Sees Sayaka, Chiaki, and Maki also have grenade

  8. My favorite game has got to be V3 but not because it's new but because of its concept and twist that the other games didn't really have. Although it barely beat danganronpa: Goodbye Despair.
    Winning class I have to go with my squad Trigger Happy Havoc
    Losing class probs gonna be V3.

    Edit: OML, literally before the games started I was like, "I feel like Makoto's gonna be the first to go" and when i saw that he died first i flipped. Like, omg how did I guess that?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?💀💀💀💀

    Edit edit: I actually cried my squad almost won, GOD DAMMIT JUNKO!!!!! But at the same time, OKAY KIRUMI!!YAS GIRL!!🤪🤪🤭

  9. Favorite Game: It’s close between first and second, but I’ll have to say Goodbye Despair.
    Winning Team: Goodbye Despair
    First: Souda please
    Last: Celeste

    edit: Peko wasn’t fast enough…

  10. Best class? You want me to choose the best class!? Are you INSANE!? I can't do that!!
    Winner: Ryoma, I kinda want to see him go far
    Loser: Korekiyo
    Favourite:…….There are too many…I'm sorry…

  11. Favorite game: Goodbye Dispair (Danganronpa 2)
    The game who's going to win: Danganronpa v3
    First place: Gonta
    Last place: Byakuya


    -Gonta ;-;
    -Well… at least i get the V3 right 🙂

  12. Best team: Trigger Happy Havoc
    Loser: any character from other games
    Favorite: Trees, trees and more TREES
    So I skipped to the end and… FUUUUUU- I decided for everytime THH character does not win, I'm giving money to Kouji, so… I gave him more


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