Blues Clues Ghost Hunt – English Full Episode Game


Boo! That is the sound of Blues ghost friends hidden in this old house! Try to help her find them using the magnifying glass to follow footprints. Your preschooler will have a ghost of a time helping her favorite dog, Blue, track down her boo-tiful friends in this mild to moderately difficult game. At the end of each level, Joe will let you know how many ghosts your child has found. Blues Clues Ghost Hunt game.

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  1. i remember being so scared of this game when i was little! The noises the ghosts made were so scary back then haha

  2. When I was a kid, I wasnt scared while playing this, I was just being a try hard, finding more than 5 ghost. What's so scary about it to all of u? The music? The ghost? 🤔


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