Bunny Pancake, Cat Milkshake (Unofficial PC Game) Wreck It Ralph 2


This is bunny pancake, Cat Milkshake based on the game from Wreck It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet movie. This is an unofficial fan made video game for PC (Flash Game). Object is simple, the cat gets the milkshake, the bunny gets the pancake. So many memes came from this movie clip. This video is not sponsored. I just thought it was cute. It’s a bit challenging getting them to eat 30 pancakes or milkshakes in 60 seconds as it’s very random and small fails can punish you.

Play Here: (Made By Mothman64)

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  1. So is nobody gonna talk about how one of the random "mew" sounds the cat makes when given a milkshake sounds like it might be taken directly from Pokémon? The sample at 0:11 (and numerous other times throughout the video) sure sounds like the voice of the little, pink, mythical, cat-like monster Mew saying its name, rather than a generic stock cat sound.

  2. "😮Uh…I think you should feed the kitty now."
    "😀No! The kitty gets the MILKSHAKE, and the bunny gets the paaannncake."
    Girl: "😲😲AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!"

  3. In the movie when the bunny exploded we didn’t even see the screen of the little girl’s tablet anymore so it was most likely explicit ._. You should make it explicit as well


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