Can YOU Handle This NEW Asian Drinking Game? (ASIAN FLUSH GUARANTEED)


Today we’re playing a new Asian Drinking Game! And it’s absolutely wild!
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Today we’re playing a new Asian Drinking Game – and it’s an Asian Drinking Card Game. Guaranteed to get you Asian Flush or Asian Glow, this party game is probably one of the top drinking games I’ve played so far (even including the super fun korean drinking games). It’s one of the best and most fun and it’s such a fun alcohol game.

It’s a really simple drinking party game! By the end of this, you’re gonna have had so much beer and alcohol haha.

★ F O L L O W C A N T O M A N D O 😊

👍🏼 S U B S C R I B E:

👕M E R C H:

🥳 P A T R E O N:

📸I N S TA G R A M:

💬F A C E B O O K:

🎭 S K I T C H A N N E L:

🐾 B I L I B I L I:

🌞 W E I B O:

📬P.O. B O X: (We Like Letters and Snacks)

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  1. [POLL] DO YOU GET ASIAN FLUSH? Which of these cards do you relate to?
    Also check out AZN FLUSH! It was really really fun! Use code CANTOMANDO for 15% OFF!

  2. Please watch Team Balmert with their Extreme Rock paper scissors challenge. I feel you guys would be hilarious if you did this. Please please I am begging you to do it. Here is the link …. Shout out from Cape Town, South Africa


    Cantomando – Edward Leung, Sheldon Ho, Mike Wu [Chinese]:
    nigahiga – Ryan Higa [Japanese]:
    Wong Fu Productions – Ted Fu, Wesley Chan, Philip Wang [Chinese]:
    Just Kidding Films – Bart Kwan, Joe Jitsukawa [Taiwanese-Cantonese, Japanese]:
    Justin Tsai? [Chinese?] whatt?
    Geography Now – Paul Barbato [Korean]:
    Jubilee – Jason Lee [Korean]:
    Wengie – Wendy Ayche [Chinese]:
    MusicNeverSleeps – Jason Chen [Taiwanese]:
    LeendaDProductions – Linda Dong [Chinese-Vietnamese]:
    JENerationDIY – Jennifer Zhang [Chinese]:
    Jimmy Zhang [Chinese]:
    Fly With Johnny Thai [Chinese]:
    Frugal Aesthetic – Christian Villanuevo [Filipino]:
    Esa Fung [Chinese]:


    李子柒Liziqi – Li Ziqi [Chinese]:
    Markiplier – Mark Fischbach [Korean]:
    The Try Guys – Eugene Lee [Korean]:
    TwoSetViolin – Brett Eddie [Chinese]:
    Tim Chantarangsu (Delaghetto) [Thai]:
    FUNG BROS. – Andrew Fung, David Fung [Chinese]:
    Kev (KevJumba) – Kevin Wu [Chinese]:
    DavidSo – David So [Korean]:
    RocketJump – Freddie Wong [Chinese]:
    Michael Reeves [Filipino]:
    Michelle Phan [Vietnamese]:
    Vanoss Gaming – Evan Fong [Korean-Chinese]:
    TVFilthyFrank – George Miller (Joji) [Japanese]:
    Domics – Dominic Panganiban [Filipino]:
    Wasabi Productions (Wasabi) – Roy [Filipino]:
    Guava Juice – [Filipino]:
    Ricegum – Bryan Le [Vietnamese-Chinese]:
    theDOMINICshow – Dominic Sandoval [Filipino]:
    LaurDIY – Lauren Riihimaki [Japanese]:
    DavidParody – David Bui [Vietnamese]:
    Edward Avila [Filipino]:
    JianHao Tan [Singaporean]:
    mychonny – John Luc [Chinese-Vietnamese]:
    Nathan Doan Comedy – Nathan Doan [Chinese]:
    Bretman Rock [Filipino]:

    If you wanna include music
    Jayesslee – Janice Lee, Sonia Lee [Korean]:
    David Choi [Korean]:
    JRAquinomusic – JR Aquino[Filipino]:
    AJ Rafael [Filipino]:
    Kina Grannis [Filipino]:
    JuNCurryAhn – Jun Ahn [Korean]:
    88rising [Asian in general]:
    Big Hit Labels:
    JYP Entertainment:
    He basically could've named any Kpop YouTube channel

    Also if you would count Indians
    Lilly Singh (iiSuperwomanii):
    Liza Koshy:

    And there are many more Asian YouTubers. I'm surprised that they knew youtubers like Geography Now and Frugal aesthetic lol.

    Tell me if I missed any good ones
    (mainly if they're an English speaking channels or Cantomando has mentioned them in another video)

  4. Sheldon: "….3…. 2…. 1"

    This made my day, I'm gonna follow Mike 's Konnichiwa now

  5. 12:04 *Mike and Tiff started sneakily flirting with each other*
    12:07 *2 dudes had 0 idea wtf was going on*
    Edward : did he tryna kiss you?
    Sheldon : yea
    Tiffany : nO he was tryna kiss meeeeeeee
    Thats cute lol

  6. It is NOT illegal to chew gum in Singapore, only illegal to export / import and unless you're really obvious about it, nobody gives a shit. Gotta brush up on your facts

  7. It’s so funny to hear them speak mandarin and cantonese like elementary kids The way they try so hard to explain things in Chinese is so cute

  8. If you don’t like the red flush take a Pepcid AC it’s an anti acid reflex, wait 15/20 min before drinking. Redness will be gone 🤗

  9. FYI, The Singapore chewing gum sales ban has been in place since 1992. Since 2004, an exception has existed for therapeutic, dental, or nicotine chewing gum,[1] which can be bought from a doctor or registered pharmacist. It is currently not illegal to chew gum in Singapore, merely to import it and sell it, apart from the aforementioned exceptions.[2]

  10. The best card was the native language one, imagine the mayhem it would cause in a really international group 💀


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