Crisis Response – Blood Spilling Demonstration


A dramatic demonstration of the improved blood spilling mechanics (using very exaggerated settings) in the new test room in Crisis Response.

You can play the demo here:

The music in the background is an alternative intro to a track in my solo project called Losing the Sense of Time:

A playthrough of the new intro (played in this video):

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  1. The music in the background is an alternative intro I wrote for Losing the Sense of Time – an indie rock track with Spanish music influences.
    You can listen to the full track here:

    And the alternative intro here:

    Check out other tracks from the solo project too – the music is guitar centered instrumental tracks with the genres varying from soft rock, to heavy-prog metal:

  2. Seen real combat footage of killing on the battlefield it's right when someone's hit in the head blood starts squrtin out

  3. Where do I get this game and how much have my whole wallet phone house family car friends limbs liver stomach I want this!

  4. Did you know you could shoot yourself in the head in the game? Hold u while having a pistol at hip level you can then aim for your head.

  5. Truth is, that blood doesn’t go everywhere like that in real life, it just does it for a few miliseconds and flows just like a waterfall after that, i’ve seen and killed people close range in real life, as a police officer, i won’t agree to this.

  6. How did you get the settings you have? i've messed with all the settings, in extra and such, set everything to high and still, no effect that looks like yours.

  7. Well… You can call it an art. Pollock's paintings could also be summarized as throwing colours at the white spaces


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