Digimon Trading Card Game (First Gen)! Legacy Match! (Cancelled Card Game)


It’s time for some Digimon! In this cancelled card game fight we feature the 2000 Digimon Trading card game. This short lived trading card game featured the digital monsters featured in the Digimon Adventures 01 Anime! Dalton is fighting with a Gomamon deck and Jacob a Tentamon deck!

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  1. i think to spicy up the game instill of one rookies digimon on the field you can have more other rookies digimon place next to the leader like in vanguard card fight and same for your opponent on a game mat, kept the rule or requirement to evolve your leader digimon plus your other two rookies on the field and only battle went there are digimon that is opposite to each other, what ever a or digimon's lose the fight is sent to office line get the point and pick the next digimon from either side to move up so it replace the leader. on your/their turn you both can put down more digimon on to the field if you both can or can't move to the next turn phase and the hand are the same of 10 cards. (don't know if the hand are the same in western release) so repeat in still the person win the battles. you can add naughty rules for other +18 like stripe and etc for more fun's

  2. I remember playing this and having the exact same opinions as you guys. Luckily, I found a fan-made game by V-Mundi. You guys should check out her Digimon card game: Digimon Battle Evolution.

  3. So can you digivolo your rookie lvl digimon to any champion you have in your hand or dose it have to be in it’s evolution tree to digivole into?

  4. What I dot like is that this game and its japanese counterpart are unbalanced, In Japanese version Agumon etc gets 160 and Piemon etc would get 560 if they would fight BUT Agumon`s defend has effect than makes Piemon`s red attack zero, thus Agumon would murk a mega level digimon without latter gettiing any support Reaching mega level should be rewarded by being nigh unbeatable unless opponent manages to climb at least ultimte lvl and or pulls some good combos instead of just playing almost any rookie with right attribute.

  5. This is great! I was a garbage human as a child and immedietly lost the manual when I got my starter deck. I had no idea how to even play this game! I just looked at the cards and admired the beautiful art.

    Definetly seems like a game that would have been too hard for my dumb kid brain anyways.

  6. Do you guys even know the vaccine >virus>data rule, where red beats yellow, yellow beats green, and green beats red

  7. at the end of the turn you can discard as many cards as you like, also the activations can go back and forth,you can activate as many options as you like during a turn

  8. usually decks contain your deckmaster the rookie,3 champions 2 ultis and 1 mega and thats it no more digimon cards in general you need to find a combination which your 2 ultis can digivolve from all your 3 champions and your mega can digivolve from both your ultis,and then you run all 3 digivices and 20 support cards,also based on your rookie color you generally run cards color specifics.The big community split used to be if you could run per say agumon and 3 different greymons,the tcg never cleared that.Also if your rookie counts as a card of your deck we used to play with 30+rookie


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