DO NOT ENTER, TRUST ME!! – Smile Inc (Roman Atwood's New GAME!)


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This is a random video I do once in a while! Today we are playing Roman Atwood’s new game, Smile Inc. It’s another endless runner type game and is super fun. This is no endorsement, I genuinely wanted to play this game 🙂

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  1. You say to avoid coffees at all costs but the first time you die by them you could have easily went around the scissors

  2. Smile inc is pretty cool, checked it out. I couldn't help but notice though that it is loosely based on the "running fred" series (which is personally one of the coolest cellphone games)
    This games real cool because of the highscore system, I could only reach to about 500 after playing for a day ^-^;
    I do feel as if they'd remove the buyable resurrection it would be even cooler (not really a fan of that feature because the games really about how many coins/tokens/gems you have)
    Although as far as mechanics, unlockables, swinging razor blades, spike pits, awesome angular jumps, and stuff like that in a 3d environment… I'd have to say running fred 2 takes the cake. (Don't forget about the wall running ability too :P)

  3. um you know almost all of your subs are intrested in redstone and mods… not try to be a gamer :
    P.S. I m not a hater


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