Does Size REALLY Matter? Take a Shot If You Agree


Today we’re answering DOES SIZE REALLY MATTER?
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Today we’re playing a new Asian Drinking Game – and it’s an Asian Drinking Card Game. Guaranteed to get you Asian Flush or Asian Glow, this party game is probably one of the top drinking games I’ve played so far (even including the super fun korean drinking games). It’s one of the best and most fun and it’s such a fun alcohol game. PLUS WE MADE IT!!!

It’s a really simple drinking party game! By the end of this, you’re gonna have had so much beer and alcohol haha.


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  1. VOTE: soooo… should Mike kiss Sheldon more? haha vote YES or NO. 🙈

    Also, if you're interested then make sure to check out the game at:
    and use code cmnewyear for 10% off! 😊

  2. I was gonna play this with my family…. It might be a bit weird talking about size nattering and having to kiss a cousin 🤢

  3. Usually drunk people disclose more of themselves than the regular ones so my Sheldon to Mike theory definitely holds water eh. Could've gone to anyone BTW 🤣

  4. Can I really call my self a cantoMando squad person? I speak neither of those languages and I'm not even Asian!😂😂 I'm Jamaican and Hispanic and I don't even speak Spanish 😭 😭

    I don't have a squad yo 😥

  5. Did anyone else notice that mike has his hand on tiff's thigh for most of the video? Cuz that’s kinda really cute 😌

  6. All bitches: "size dont matter, its the motion of the ocean"
    Also bitches: ' 4.5 inches and below is too small, but size dont matter"


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