Exploring Retro Game Camp in AKIHABARA


Taking a quick look around in Retro Game Camp, one of the many retro game shops located in Tokyo. Tons of games, sky high prices, smells like a game shop.
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  1. I saw that foreign case by one of my friends! I've always wondered, could an American trade in a complete snes game and get a value of it? Or is trade ins not really done there at Retro Game Camp?

  2. Haha I'm watching I'm watching! I'm always watching.. even when you're bathroommmm. It's cool they moved where the PC Engine stuff is. People can see Yuki easier now 😁😁😁

  3. While shopping, should you leave the products on the shelf and get them at the end or can you walk around with them?

  4. 6:20 The only form of region locking with the Genesis/Mega Drive(JP) is the shape the cartridge slot. Just like with the SNES(NA)/SFC and NA and JP N64. If I open my Genesis and put the Japane MD game directly in it works. Game Genie works. I bought pass-through adapters for my SNES, N64, and Genesis.
    Update: I just heard there are a few games with hardware region locking like Thunder Force IV.

  5. Things I learned in this video 1) Retro Game Camp is expensive 2) Slim Pickings for Mega Drive games and 3) Eliminate Down is more than $1,500!

  6. Region locked chart was nice one! Looks like if i want to play japanese PS2 games with Japanese PS2 console, I need Step Down Converter (PAL).

  7. Things are bad when even games that should be cheaper than their western counterparts are getting just as expensive AS their western counterparts. The poison of high game prices continues to spread. 😟

  8. Hey, at about 5:33, how much was that blue Pokemon Mini to the left of the "Pocket Pikachu" sign? It's a little hard to tell from the video.

  9. Hi PLEASE GET BACK TO ME it will be very much appreciated. Well I went to Japan like 3 years ago and said I went from October 15 November 3. It was nice but when it was Halloween it got to crazy for me. But when is the best time to go meaning slowest time of year there?

  10. Woah, I didnt think it was that pricey! 4980 for Rockman & Bass. I see it for like half the price everywhere here in Nagoya.

  11. After seeing all the rarities in the glass cabinets I wonder if Delisoba Deluxe on the Saturn still pops up from time to time. I would love to see the eye watering price on that one nowadays.

  12. Man, if the PS5 is region free and can play all the old discs from all PlayStation systems, it’s going to be huge for the retro market.

  13. Great video Jim! Did you guys know there’s a Retro Game Camp in LA in Little Tokyo? I loved that store! I’m gonna have to visit the one in Akihabara someday

  14. ROFL, the cramp is real in several Akiba stores… you are not only rubbing shoulders with other costumers, you have to be careful not to hit and drop the shelves themselves. 😛

  15. I went to Game Camp when I was in Akihabara a few years ago and you're right it's quite expensive but worth a visit just to look around.
    Then pop into Hard-Off to get a real bargain!
    ☺ ♥ 🇯🇵

  16. Nice video. Just curious, what’s the significance of the different neon colored tags on some of the carts. 11:13 for instance.

  17. Im planning to go japan next year and looking for 2nd hand nintendo switch mario odyssey set.. Where i can find them?


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