Forgotten Games – LEGOLAND & LEGO Creator


Episode 12 – Vectrex covers two more LEGO games as well as a strange LEGO imitation game!

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Featuring music from (in order of appearance)

Mega Man 3 – NES
Sonic & Knuckles – Genesis
Super Smash Bros – N64
Super Mario All Stars – SNES
South Park – PC
Dr Mario – NES
Glover – N64
Donald Fagen – Walk Between Raindrops
Battlefield 2 – PC (London Philharmonic Orchestra)
SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos – Neo Geo MVS
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 – Genesis
The Italian Job – PC
Android Assault – Sega CD


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  1. I remember I got Legoland and my brother got Rollercoaster Tycoon on the same Christmas. RCT seemed so grown up and complex in comparison. I didn't touch it until months later.

    Even though I enjoyed Legoland a lot, probably forcing myself to due to my love for the brand, I was unsatisfied with the ride building options. I remember having to unlock sloping tracks for the roller coaster. I also found the guests hard to satisfy, and I'd fail to pass the objectives with awesome parks just because I didn't meet a specific criteria.

  2. I wonder if anyone in 2020 watched this also did anyone realize the mushroom hill and ice cap zone music from s3k

  3. the Legoland Park was my favourite game,but it has a bug that dont let you complete the story. theres one mission where you need to delete your buildings. when you do it,nothing happens

  4. I had Lego Creator as a kid. I tricked the game into letting me drive a car as a plane, and immediately pretended I was Ron Weasley driving the car.

  5. I remember back when I picked these up at the same time with Christmas money that I saved for an entire year (all the way to Halloween Time)

  6. I remember these two games! I had them for my PC! My cousin had LEGO Island. I was at the age of 5 playing this shit. You know what I also loved? The LEGO Store at the Palisades Center. You could create your own LEGO character and build there. My cousin and I would hit that shop up to make ourselves in LEGO and buy our creations, and then try and make our own knock-off Star Wars sets because that was the coolest thing. Remember trying to create Cyborg there, like years before he got a proper minifigure.

  7. I used to play LEGO creator as a kid and just build cities to blow up and then When I got bored I’d place enough bombs to crash my computer and that would be that

  8. my parents got me legoland because roller coaster tycoon would keep crashing the computer.. it just wasnt the same :/

  9. "Eh? What's Build with Chrome?" ~looks it up~ "Oh, something that stopped allowing you to build over a year and a half ago… Well shit."

    Although considering it was made to promote Chrome, I wouldn't have been into it. I'm a Firefox person.

  10. Vectrex4Life, LEGO Creator seems to be Roblox 2006-2007 where people for the first time had creation with brick by brick building, npc's vehicles, and what not. Holy shit this reminds me everything of roblox, but pre-dating it. Due to having everything that makes a basic roblox game.

  11. Just watched his vid on lego racers 2 for some old Lego nostalgic games, then I remembered this video game, so I clicked on it. Holy cow or 3 years difference sure changed his voice but not his talent. 💪👍


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