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Game Sack Chat! Joe, Dave and I talk about the golden days of gaming and what got us started.
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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


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  1. 2:25 Joe, it was the Epoch Cassette Vision.
    Console was white, but its box was blue which is probably what you're remembering.

  2. I was that natural talentet Kid who fucked up all other Kids! Rich Kids where my Enemy nr.1 ; )
    But that's all long gone…
    You done it the right way. I Love you MOM

    I also Love your YT Shows! Thank you!
    Stay Cool as you are!

  3. I adore my man the Happy Console Gamer and think it says something when I would prefer watching a 15 minute video of him reading a copy of EGM from 1992 a 1000 times more than a Phil DeFranco vid (Whom I enjoy as well)

    I wish you would review a NEW game once a month, not because I prefer newer games but because having the newer game in the video title on a regular basis would eventually over time lead to more Youtube recommendations to people who haven't yet seen your channel.

    AND since you have turned me onto dozens of games and I dusted off my Turbo Grafix with Bonk for the first time since the 3rd grade!… I think it would be fantastic for you to do some lets plays of all the games you talk about. Not these 76 episode play throughs but a 1 or 2 episode game play vid discussing what about the games you love.

    Either way, it's great seeing some one who is so openly and proud to be into the 'nerd' culture AND who used to shred and most importantly would gently put down his Switch controller to slay some vagiine.

  4. The American perspective is a lot different to that in the UK! As a UK resident of a similar age, it was all about the micro computer…Vic 20 then Sinclair Spectrum, then Amiga 😃
    I reaaaaally wanted a mega drive when that came out, but never got one😔

  5. Dave sits like a complete superstar in the beginning :D.
    Also im pretty sure they all have the same pair or pants.

  6. i had a mark lll but before that i had something with tapes lol then master system, mega drive, amiga 500/1200 ps1, ps2 PC

  7. It's so refreshing to hear Joe and Dave cussing and talking off the cuff because normally on Game Sack they intentionally keep it family friendly, which I still appreciate, but now I get to see more of their real personalities. When Dave was talking about selling his NES to get his Genesis and then selling his Genesis to get his Super NES I feel ya pain brother lol. I remember selling my N64 to get a Playstation and then right after I did that fucking Zelda Ocarina Of Time came out and I was fucked for a while before I could really get a N64 again and play that. 🙂

  8. Oh man My brothers owned an Atari too, it was great. I got into it after playing road rash and xmen with my neighbor on his genesis.

  9. the gamecube may be the worst selling of the three but everyone wanted to come to my house and play it the only games i wanted to play not on gamecube where dynasty warriors and halo

  10. I'm about as old as these guys. But unlike Game Sack, I WAS turned onto games big time because of the Atari 2600. Our family then got an Odyssey 2 and Colecovision. Even a couple of arcade games! I had the great luck of having parents that really got into playing certain games (Mom was Ms. Pacman, Burgertime, Legend of Zelda, Dad was Quest for the Ring and Kid Icarus). We loved the NES, but I got bitten by the Sega bug with the Master System.

    Back then, it really was unusual to really be into games. There were very few of us at my high school that were into them. I was probably the only kid in high school to own a Game Gear.

  11. Joe and Dave have such a beautiful bromance. hahaha. Johnny was the perfect interviewer in this. Great job guys, this brought back so many memories. By the way, is Alpha sitting on the bed filming this and waking it?

  12. Joe and Dave have such a beautiful bromance. hahaha. Johnny was the perfect interviewer in this. Great job guys, this brought back so many memories. By the way, is Alpha sitting on the bed filming this and waking it?

  13. a gameboy with tetris got me into gaming. it doesn't get anymore cliche than that. my grandpa gave it to me on christmas, at the time i didn't even know that there was such a thing as video games.

  14. it was super mario world that got me, my uncle had a snes and I was spending a week over there with him and my dad to spend some quality time outside with cows and stuff, I was 8 and all I really remember from that week is mario and mario kart


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