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Episode 246 – Dave’s final episode and he wanted to take a look at some good 2D games that exist for the various modern consoles. So we choose a few that we haven’t talked about before for you to check out! And thanks to Dave for so many years of Game Sack and bringing his personality to the show. See you soon, Dave!

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  1. I like Cuphead (PC version), because you have something to do for a while. Not coming further, just don`t play for a week or month and try later or so.

  2. 🙁 You are missed Dave. Joe is doing fine but we can see he also is missing you. You should come back whenever your ready.

  3. Wild Guns Reloaded is by far the unexpected best game to me. I love it so much I've managed to a couple no death runs on Hard and I wouldn't consider myself particularly good at games or the type that do these kinds of self imposed hard challenges. It's just that I enjoy playing the game, loved the graphics and listening to its soundtrack so much I eventually… just sort of got to that point. The other incredible game from Natsume is Ninja Saviors: Return of The Warriors.

  4. It must be tough to give up what you like doing but for your personal reasons I can respect that. Best of luck, sad to see you go for now because you guys make an awesome pair…

  5. So many good ones it makes the stinkers pretty much nonexistent in the modern age. All the 2D fighting games from the 2010s- onwards. Almost all of them received good reviews to critical acclaim, modern 2D fighters are perfect, no doubt.

  6. Apparently Cuphead was a game that was delayed by such a long period to the point that people thought it had actually been silently cancelled due to technical issues but they ended up surprisingly releasing the game in 2017 after it was first announced and showcased at a major electronics and computing convention in 2014! 🙂

  7. Excellent video thank you but it would really help if you would put down a list of the games in the description

  8. Old dude needs some better time management. Or get his wife on some meds…thats shitty she made him quit…jus like a woman to hate it when her man is havin fun with a hobby 🙁

  9. Best of luck to one of the best gaming channel hosts!
    Will miss you Dave! Hope everything goes great for you!!!
    Cheers for your future and the future of the channel!

  10. I love Cuphead. It is one of my greatest treasures on Steam. Tough, frustrating, but fun as shit. I didn't know Guacamelee was a metroidvania, nor that it looked as intriguing as it does. Thanks for showing it to me, guys. Just bought it on steam, and about to pause this to start it.

  11. Dave if you're reading this…..good riddance……. Ahh, thanks you two for giving us quality entertainment with game sack.

  12. Favorite 2d game that I'm playing now is boxboy and boxgirl on switch

    3 modes of play, 1 player, 2 player and rectangle (1 player)

    On switch

  13. Sad I'm only seeing this now, but from Magicbox to here, it's been a wonderful ride seeing you both work so hard. I'll cherish meeting the two of you at PRGE, and continue to support the channel.

  14. We will miss Dave, wish yo have a success life and warm up the family, wish you best luck Dave farewell (i know it is a late comment but when you living in china reach to youtube and internet really a torture some times…) Thank you guys i remember my youth, the old days are nice 🙂

  15. YouTube has mostly been recommending me the old videos, so when watching some of the new ones I was wondering where Dave had gone. Hope life gets to where he wants it to be, the channel really hasn't been the same without the banter between the two. Still great of course just not the same.

  16. My favorite modern 2D games are:
    Shovel Knight
    Freedom Planet
    Gunmetal Arcadia
    Gunmetal Arcadia Zero
    The Messenger
    Axiom Verge
    Hollow Knight


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