Guiness World Records Part 2 – 10 Minute Power Hour


The Game Grumps. What can they beat? Can they beat things? Let’s find out. Tell us what we should do next!

Music from Stevia Sphere

Dir/shot/edited by Tucker ►

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  1. I don’t know if anyone mentioned this, but does anyone else see Dan’s eye looking partially blue under the sticky note at 4:33?

  2. Vernon opening that bottle reminded me of the time I opened a girls beer with a knife while I was at a party. I did it to impress her because she was really pretty. Then I found out she was straight. We’re friends now though.

  3. Way back when, when coughing was probably funny with the right timing and not just fukking concerning.. ThEy WiLl NoT DiViDe Us!¡!¡

  4. 13:42 I didn't hear Dan say Vernon's name so I thought he was just describing Arin's face at that moment but it fit so well that I didn't notice until I rewatched it because I though Dan said Arin looked like a puppet. I need to learn how to understand things better.

    Edit: I changed the word "do" to the correct word "so" in the first sentence.

  5. Idk why, but I feel so much kinship towards these two as a fellow non-drinking person. Knowing that two of my favorite youtubers don't drink either makes it a little easier for me to decline drinks when I'm out with friends….

  6. Why do Dan and Arin feel the need to absolutely destroy every single orange on the grumps set? This is not the first time this has happened.

  7. Dan: Lemme quarter turn this for maximum dopeness!
    Dan: turns hat
    Dan: giggles Neat!

    Me: pinches bridge of nose ina amusement and questionable anger Why are you the way that you are?


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