Hide & Seek, Pac-Man & More! | Halo Reach Custom Games (PC)


Halo Reach on PC with the Master Chief Collection means time for more custom game shenanigans with friends!

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Hide & Seek, Pac-Man & More! | Halo Reach Custom Games (PC)

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  1. It's been so long Fruit, old friend. I remember when all of us played games together. And then I was forgotten. I challenge you to a reach plasma pistol only 1v1 to get back into your videos, like the old days.

  2. I've seen your other videos as well as this one, we will be at SEMA please subscribe to our channel!

  3. I loved playing the custom games on Halo Reach I swear its the only reason why I played the game god I miss those days but I wonder if there are other games that have features like this?

  4. Multiplayers! I made a number of Reach multiplayer maps back in the day and after the MCC update I've put them all on my fileshare and also just completed a new map out of pure nostalgia. I put a lot of time into these maps and the general feedback is pretty good. They were played a lot in 2011 and onwards. Most maps are designed for 1v1 up to 8v8. Team Slayer / Slayer / etc. My gamer tag is Ke Sula.
    The maps are:

    Reach shootout – (that's the new one)
    There can be only one


    the Seige – (Invasion map + Invasion gametype)

    Please check these maps out when you have a spare moment. You won't be disappointed!

  5. So i had just gotten my dinner and I got ramen and then when you were a zombie and said gooo i panicked and started running cuz i was sneakin into my room and it almost spilled all over me haha

  6. Friend : How far of a reach does he have ?

    Mr. Fruit : Um… a Bees dick

    @22:30 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. Multiple questions for ya if you have the time. Is this a Playlist you made or downloaded? And do you know all these people or is it a custom game match making type deal


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