How to get Games Better Visibility and Details using Nvidia Game Filter without FPS Drop [Warzone]


Games Better Visibility and Details Without FPS Drop | Nvidia Freestyle Game Filter

Here’s how to start using NVIDIA Freestyle to enhance and customize your gameplay:
Press Alt+F3 to open the Freestyles in-game overlay.
Press Alt+Z to open Nvidia Game Overlay

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  1. Someone please help me? When i used these filters for warzone. And stream at same time it gives off a a flicker on stream which is soooo annoying. Does anyone no a solution?

  2. when i get on multiplayer on modern and try to use the game filter it says I must be playing a supported game. Any help?

  3. I lose about 10~20fps depending on the area I'm in using this – which is much better than some videos that recommend using the 'Details' filter which adds the bloom effect. Bloom adds about 20~30 fps loss depending on area so its not really viable.
    1:17 looks great here, BUT!
    One thing to add about this setting is that when you enter buildings, the corners inside that you are NOT looking at are pretty much black or darker than before – these settings do not help with over-all clarity and vision of the game – they make the over all colours look a bit nicer maybe – but if you want to see campers in corners and spot people from distances that you couldnt previously.. there are much better settings that dont use bloom for the fps cost as well. Good Luck to all finding their settings that they like!
    I'm going to try adjust these settings so inside shadows work for me – not touching any of the heavier gpu load effects

  4. For everyone who is asking yes u loose fps. About 20-30 fps depending on sytem. But I honestly believe its worth it. Especially helps out if you have a decent moniter.

  5. Is it still working? when i click on filter or (Alt+F3) on the overlay, theres a nvidia pop-up saying that i need a supported game to use filter. Like if warzone wasnt supported anymore?

  6. Are you sure there is no FPS drop? I am running a 3600x and 2060 super and whenever I add the filters I decrease by 20-30 FPS.


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