How to make a FREE ds/3ds game case


DIY! How to make a totally FREE ds/3ds/2ds game cartridge case to store and protect your game cartridges from dirt and dust and damage! Just takes a little bit of origami (Japanese art of folding paper), an art descended from the land of nintendo (Japan)~

Feel free to comment if you have any questions, complaints, feedback or need any help etc.

Folding video scenes copyright Vigelic, all other content creative commons or rights as per their respective owners. Folding methodology creative commons, please attribute if you fold the same thing on your video! Thanks for watching!

1: Stephen Walking – Walkers
2: Rouge – Nightfall
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P.S. please use recycled paper! oh and be careful with your scissors too (:


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  1. The coolest thing, I've seen in awhile & its Eco friendly I wish people where more responsible when it comes to plastics ✌️& respect

  2. buy multiple games worth $60 but don't spend money for a $1 case. I for one never buy carts, Always from the eshop so that its in sd memory and saves me to look and carry for the cartidge plus no worries if the cartidge fails.

  3. Half of comment section: you still need to buy the paper!

    Me: well duh. That's why you steal- I MEAN borrow the paper from your friends.

  4. you can't speak English well which is understandable because it isn't your native language but your grammar is better than a lot of English people. lol


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