How To Play PS2 Games Off A USB Flash Drive! (OLP Tutorial) 2018!


Hi guys, Tech James here,

For this tutorial, I’ll be showing you guys how to play PS2 ISO games off a USB Flash Drive, you must have FreeMc Boot and OpenPS2Loader Installed onto your Memory Card! A high-speed USB is recommended for the best performance, keep in mind that large PS2 games like GTA SA might have loading issues!

This video is for educational purposes only.

➤ (OPL Tutorial):

➤ (TDK USB):


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  1. quick question can i transfer my iso i downloaded from VImm and put onto a usb drive.Can i play it on a different pc?

  2. My games dont show up I formatted my usb to fat32 and the isos I download are already in that formatted you showed us

  3. ok so my game shows up I click it to start it and It shows playstation 2 symbol and then doesn't do anything can sumone tell me why

  4. I put the game on the usb formated to fat32 with slus thing with my freemcboot disk and it shows that it reads the usb but when i load the game i get a coople colored screens then just a black screen and nothing else can some one help?

  5. Plus they have a new update of OPL, would you mind checking it out maybe and doing a new video on it? I guess it has cheats, I haven't messed with it much yet, I actually downloaded it today after watching your video

  6. Yo TechJames, have you got the ps2 to run games off an External Hard Drive? Been trying to run games off a 1TB WD @Tech James

  7. my ps2 fat is modded soo i just download games for emulators ( iso games) i do this things in your video then i just put the games inside the usb and if i do a format in the usb i will lose the games but the saves will be in my memory card right?

  8. If your game doesn’t have a dot at the end, does it affect anything? I’m talking about the name of the ISO file.

  9. gameplay is smooth with 2D fighters bc the whole match is loaded directly to the PS2, while GTA and open world games rely on permanent access to the DVD or in this case your USB-stick. wouldnt recommend this if you want reliable game data access times. why? playstation 2 utilizes USB 1.1 speed, which is 1.5mb/sec… u can have a 500mb/sec USB-stick and it will still deliver only 1.5mb/sec reading speed to the PS2. if you want better speed use the HDD-drive which delivers at least 66mb/sec (ATA-version)

  10. I was cleaning up my ps2 that hasnt beem used for YEARS!! i saw a usb area on my ps2 slim. I was thinking what was this for. And i directly searched it on reddit and i ended up here on this video. I tried it and it worked, Thanks!!!


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