I made a GIANT NINTENDO SWITCH… with storage for my video games!


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Building a Giant Nintendo Switch!
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On this episode I made a a pair of cabinets that transformed my TV into a giant Nintendo Switch. I use them to store lots of video games and accessories.

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Glue Mat (silicon project mat)

Glue Spreading Kits

Bandy Clamps

Hinge Jigs

Tapering Jig

Cross Cut Jig




My Measuring Tools | Woodpeckers (All The Red Stuff)

Kreg Tools
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My Cordless Power Tools | HIKOKI

The X-Carve:
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The Desk My Friend Found (from the beginning of the video)

Music by Chris Jon Johnson.
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  2. Ta chido el mueble, pero hubieras pintado los joysticks por dentro y ponerles algo para que no se maltraten tus videojuegos y consolas y también y un protector por detrás

  3. 8:15

    Do I need a 3D printer for making the buttons? Or am I able to do this by measuring the buttons at the right size? I don't have a 3D printer or whatever the hell that thing is. It's to expensive for me.

  4. The thumbnail and photo of your screen at the end is fake. You're not even looking at where Mario is. Please post accuracy to your makes. Wish I could give 2 dislikes.

  5. All you do is get the thing that connect u switch to da TV and add big paper joy cons to the side and tape it on to tv


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