Jim Harbaugh gets testy with reporter after Michigan's loss to Ohio State | College Football on ESPN


Following the Michigan Wolverines’ 56-27 loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes, Jim Harbaugh speaks with the media and takes exception (1:36) to a reporter asking about talent and coaching gaps between Michigan and Ohio State.

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  1. I thought he was going to smile early in the video,I thought a couple of times he was going to get up and leave,he didn't seem too testy,yeah felt a little insulted,but nipped it in the bud

  2. This is spell-binding post-game analysis. Top notch.
    Pretty easy to see why he gets paid 7 plus million / year.
    Look out Dabo Swinney!

  3. I would like to have Brady Hogue back as coach at least he can play Ohio State Jim makes too much money to lose

  4. The reason Harbaugh didn't want to answer the question about "What's the difference between Michigan and Ohio State" is because it's a REAL question!!! NOT a softball that offers no insight into the game.

  5. This TTUN squad would've 50/50 beaten the 2016/2017 Buckeyes but… timing. Just as Harbaugh's program peaks, the Buckeyes are already a few steps ahead. TTUN should realize (1) OSU has created a dynasty and (2) you can't buy elite status. You can buy your way into being a good team. (3) TTUN is currently a good team. That's what you have. This is what you've bought into. Ya didn't get a Saban, Meyer or Dabo. Period.

    Harbaugh's recruiting power is weakening. Who will want to play at TTUN when they can play at TOSU? Maybe some 2nd tier guy who wants to be a starter. You're just not going to pull enough of those top guys away from elite programs as long as they stay winning.

    Harbaugh may turn it around, but I feel like he missed his window. It's a variety of factors including that TTUN's development timeline is constantly juuuust overshadowed by a TOSU.

  6. Uhhhh, uhhhhh, what day is it? Where am I? Oh yeah, I'm the head coach of Michigan football and I'm in the middle of a press conference.

  7. I came here to watch this because I was just listening to a podcast that interviewed a reporter who was at this press conference and apparently Harbaugh's WIFE was in the room during this interview and she actually got into a verbal argument with a reporter and called him a name of some kind. I hadn't heard ANYTHING about it and there are no news reports that mention it, so I wanted to see if the confrontation actually happened during the press conference and was caught on camera, but it must've occurred afterwards once the cameras were turned off. Can you imagine how crazy that family must be?

  8. You "re talking about how much
    Harbaugh makes,look how much
    Giancarlo Stanton made for the
    Yankees! Regular season AB's – 59
    HR's – 3

  9. Even if he’s getting testy they asked him a dumb question how would you feel if someone asked you that most of us would have reacted the same way I don’t know why everyone is making such a big deal

  10. Why was he not questioned about his players untying JKs shoes? Did I miss it? Those players were coached to take that shortcut! Both players should sit a game as well as their classless scumbag coach. If CY2 had to sit two games for having someone loan him the cost of a plane ticket(which gave him zero competitive advantage) then these clowns doing something in the middle of the game on the middle of the field to gain a competitive advantage should have to answer for it. What they did was imo far far worse than anything Chase did ( which was absolutely nothing.)It just sickens me because if it was our guys doing it it would be front page news everywhere with everyone calling for heads, calling them dirty, asking for the resignation of the coach, the ad, the university president, and the residence hall janitors but in this case it seems to be a non issue. Already looking forward to 9 in a row. Next November can’t come soon enough! OH-IO Go Bucks!

  11. I would coach for free just for the benefit of the student athlete.
    Harbaugh has no fire. It’s too late for Harbaugh.

  12. What a chump, how much did Michigan pay for this guy who will never be more than a 8-3 team coach ? Keep him and get your butts handled every year by Ohio St and other real good teams.

  13. In Jim Harbaugh's 5 games against Ohio State he's given up 30 points or more in all 5, 40 points or more in 3, 50 points or more in 2, and over 60 in one. Ohio State averages 45 points a game against Jim Harbaugh. Jim Harbaugh has been outscored 227-126 in his 5 games against Ohio State.

  14. Same answers after every loss. "We made mistakes" "Other team just played better" "We didn't execute, they did" "we'll re-group and try harder next week" "our guys fought hard". Not sure how they put up with this dude in Ann Arbor? He just refuses to take accountability. If he's tired of the tough questions then he needs to live up to his expectations and hype the Michigan and national media gave this man and actually win big games. They pay over $7 million a year for these results.

  15. Haven’t won the B1G in 15 years. Haven’t finished in the Top 5 since ‘99. 1/2 National Title in 70 years. Have only won 11 games or more four times in modern era. A lot of hype from Detroit but not a lot to show for it.

  16. He didn't get all that money to beat the Indiana's and Rutgers. He was expected to beat the big boys, more than losing to them. There isn't much excuse. If they go to a bowl game, they'll probably get creamed there too.

  17. I think that Harbaugh is probably doing as good a job as he can with what he has to work with. Michigan's problem is with recruitment. Michigan's Administration has to decide whether they want to win football games or not.


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