Kingdom Hearts 3 Post-Game Part 3: Seek Out the Phantoms


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Kingdom Hearts 3
Post-Game Part 3: Seek Out the Phantoms
Difficulty: Proud

We reach the third part and it’s not a long one. Here, we put our focus on The Final World. Why is that? Because we’re going to seek out the Phantoms. Not only that but we also get our hands on an Orichalcum+. Just like in Kingdom Hearts 2, we need to get Orichalcum+ along with several other materials to make the most powerful keyblade, Ultima Weapon.

Here we need to find 333 Phantoms of Sora. What for? Remember when we got 111 previously? Well it’s because they help us give Sora a permanent HP upgrade. That’s all there is so I have to cover it at least.

In Part 4, we’ll tackle all the Minigames and get A-Rank on them all.

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  1. This video & playthrough is brought to you by the people at JapanCodeSupply. Use the codeword “MegaNG” when you order on their site to save $3 off orders over $50. I needed a day off because I’m congested and I feel like garbage so yeah. There’s also the Direct so there’s that. Tonight is my mid-month update and you’ll notice that things are going to change. I’m working on the rebrand but there’s also the fact that Jump Force is coming and I need to get this done. There are only two parts for me to record and once they are done, I’m done with KH3 for good. I also have to work on a video where I detail what I want in the Final Mix version. It means I will get to brainstorming so there’s that. For now enjoy Part 3 of the #KH3PostGame. It’s not much but I have to do it at least. Want more of the post-game? Help us reach 20 Likes on this video! If you do enjoy this video, please be sure to do these 5 things: #LIKE, #COMMENT, #SHARE, #SUBSCRIBE & CLICK THE BELL! They all help to my benefit. Want to support the channel? Consider supporting me on #Patreon! All it takes is $1 a month but if you want your name at the end of every video, it’s $5 and up. May your heart be your guiding key!

  2. Awwww no more Kingdom hearts after this? WellI can't blame you, considering the strenuous process in the game itself, not to mention the copyright claims which are all just bogus in my opinion. It's just you have done the best jobs on them more than anyone I have seen, needless to say it will be missed. You are and always will rock, and always looking forward to what you got dishing out for us.

  3. Nice. Don't you ever wish that people like arc system works can remove their copyright policies so that way hard working YouTubers like you so that way you can get more audience retention? Cuz that would be pretty nice. Nintendo smashed its policies for their content and people are able to stream their games without any trouble. It makes me wish that arc systems does the same because back when you had your blazblue content you had a wider audience. In fact since that time I have been watching your content since then. You, my friend are a hard working individual and deserve more subs and what not. Know what I mean?

  4. i've already beaten the main game and man that 3rd phase of the armored xehanort fight gave me multiple game overs about 2 hours to finally beat it i think i've only had 30 deaths in the game surprisingly that's not bad for a 1rst time playing on proud mode though i'm still looking for the lucky emblems and yet i got the secret ending at 41 lucky emblems but man my controller seen better days cause of the button mashing used lol

  5. Everytime you speak is something with fealings and i like that, keep up the good and yes, MAY YOUR HEART BE YOUR GUIDING KEY.

  6. The only reason I can think of KH Re:Coded, I think is because most of the stuff that was already gone through in the original mobile game that was released some years ago. Re:Coded is the DS version of the original game, and the only Japan only release game, that they had to redo to be available for international audiences.

  7. Kid Danger: i am here! happy hearts and shells day, Megaman! pulls a flag and waves it in my hoof


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