Kingdom Hearts 3 Tips And Tricks – BEST ITEMS In The Game You Need To Get (KH3 Tips And Tricks)


Kingdom hearts 3 tips and tricks (kh3 tips and tricks) for kingdom hearts 3 best items (kingdom hearts 3 tipps)
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  1. Had to finish DDD and 0.2 whatever. Just started 3 and love it so far although there is reeeeally long cutscenes at times

  2. I had no idea that inferno character was a secret boss. He was easy. Certainly no Sephiroth, Lingering Will, ???, or Data Organization XIII.

  3. Dude why’d you spend like 5 mins talking about dark inferno this vid was suppose to be about items and weapons not how to beat him??

  4. Actually, the best items in the game is cuisine items. I’ve used cuisine option in a normal standard run, which is unnecessary, but overpowered if you get excellent items, but absolutely necessary in LVL1 runs on proud. You can end up with like 50 extra health, or 2/3 extra strength/magic boost.

  5. Something to note, during dark inferno's 3rd phase, he becomes immune to fire. So if you are built to be heavily reliant on magic, then switch to thunder from that point on.

  6. Kh 3 only needs another boss fight and i know you all know which i mean right the one and only "One Winged Angel" xD

  7. Actually easy dark inferno win, rage mode, most of the combos in rage mode make you invincible and allow you to stay on dark inferno, when the formchange gauge is almost empty use riskcharge to not only replenish your time in rage mode but also to knock back dark inferno and stun him but also note this knocks him out of any animation, you can use a total of 3 riskcharges and also to note each time your damage increases, the final time also gives your final hit in your combo to deal massive damage, time this right to use the finisher of rage mode to melt his health bar, if he isnt dead from the finisher the heal immediately then either just spam magic or try and get rage mode again and send him to the grave.

  8. When you already forge the ultima keyblade before the Xehnort trials….so you can clap any an every boss easy 😎. FUN FACT:

    The earliest I found you can forge the ultima is right after returning from the final world.

  9. staff and shield better with +… i didnt wasted resources on that..ultima keyblade made so easy against this secret boss.. total OP

  10. If you’re doing a magic build, classic tone upgraded to max is the best keyblade in the game. it can be unlocked once you reach san fransokyo, so long as youve been collecting all the classic kingdom minigames along the way. the final 3 you need are all in san fransokyo, and then all you have to do is set a score (doesnt matter how low) in all 23 minigames on your gummiphone, ans the keyblade is yours.

  11. I just got the Platinum for the game this week! What you guys think it was the most annoying thing to get in this game?


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