Lightning Reaction Re-Loaded Electric Shock Game All The Way Turned Up!


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This is what I consider “hanging out with my nephews.” 🙂 Lightning Reaction Re-Loaded is an instant classic. The only problem with it is that it only gets played for about 5 minutes every other month or so because getting shocked sucks!

There is a variable shock control on the side and we normally play with it at .5 or 1 because the shock is uncomfortable but not so uncomfortable that you don’t want to play it again.

If we turn the shock all the way up to 4, most folks who get shocked want to stop playing immediately.

There are also two settings, one where only the loser gets shocked and one where only the winner does NOT get shocked.

In this video, we played on the highest level and only the winner does not get shocked.

The idea of the game is to WAIT until the flashing light turns green and the music stops… after that, be the first to click your button. Don’t jump the gun or you will get a nasty shock.

For those asking where to buy, here is a link for you. Enjoy!


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  1. This guy needs to get turned in. Hes ridiculous and is abusing these teenagers. So wrong. Hes flat out on a power trip. He should play with someone his own age


  3. Dads a cheater lol.. You should get shocked for prematurely pressing the button… I mean dude pressed it like 3 times per round lol

  4. Two things number one is that the kid from stranger things on the left number two the dad pushes the button so many times how could he not win if you ask me the game should only allow you to push the button once per round

  5. It should also shock them when they press the button too early and then they are out for that round – the man would never had won then cos he kept pressing the button early.

  6. i'm looking for this one game where there's two sticks connected to each other and when you squeeze the sticks, they start zapping and the person who holds on the longest wins.

  7. So, I've been looking to buy this game…saw a review once….looked into it again today and typed in the product name and clicked on this video as it was first in list of youtubes…thought…"hmmm..he looks familiar…looks like a guy that went to Rossford…then…that looks like Addison….and holy shit if it wasn't. Weird, Internet = small world.

  8. If you fire prematurely, you get shocked. If you notice on one of the rounds, one of the kids got shocked because he pulled the trigger before the green light turned on. This is one of the beauties of the game.

  9. The dad unfortunately cheated. He was pressing prematurely almost every time… So if you keep firing prematurely without getting a penalty – you are going to just keep pressing. You should get a shock for pressing prematurely.

  10. was ein geiles spiel, ich bin so heftig elektrisiert
    allerdings sieht man hier drei unfähige spieler, denn der sauf ist nicht am start. man muss saufen bei diesem gerät, saufen! (ich bin kein esel)


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