New GeForce Gaming Features: ReShade, Low Latency, and Image Sharpening


We’re constantly improving performance in the games you play and developing new features that make PC gaming better for GeForce gamers. We’re excited to announce three new GeForce features: we are bringing ReShade Filters to GeForce Experience to help customize your gameplay, we are reducing latency and tearing with NVIDIA Ultra Low Latency Mode (NULL), and we are improving clarity in your favorite games with our image sharpening tool.

Read all about the new features here:

Download the ReShade Filters here:

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  1. So, I have a problem: I have a 4K monitor, but my nvidia 1050ti cannot run games at that resolution, so, if I set the game in fullscreen mode and then, I make the game run at 1080p with sharpening on as shown, will I get a 4K-ish experience? With every single pixel of my monitor occupied by a different color? I’m not very good at this, thanks for the support

  2. I hope Nvidia will redesign GeForce Control Panel into something like Intel Command Center & Radeon Software.

  3. can someone help me game filters are not working it says this game requires a supported game and it only works if i use older version of ge force but when my pc is closed or restarted it updates auomaticaly can someone help me ?

  4. HEllo! image sharpening is NOT working for me through nvidia control panel in any game!
    do I need GFE?
    1080ti… 4k and 1440p on 4k native screen

  5. Still isnt anywhere near sa good as actual reshade. Actual reshade doesnt require official support. Just go to reshades site. It can be used in any directx, opengl, or vulkan game. (I will admit the one use is nvidias has is in online games since it will avoid bans.)

  6. Bunch of useless things that no one uses,making good msi afterburner alternative or real resolution upscale would be 10 times better


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