Original RPG "The Rising of the Shield Hero" Gameplay


The Rising of The Shield Hero: Relive the Animation ENG is out now:

Download link:
My game data:

I played JP version but decide to replay n record.
This is a raw stream so sorry for technical issues (cuz editing video would take time).

Oh, you can get paradigm “Protective” by losing a battle (which I didn’t). Effect: +25 HP/SP to item and +10 Hostility to Naofumi (so he will be targeted more). There is also paradigm “Owners of the balloon” (idk how i get it) with +30 dmg when using balloon to attack (using Balloon in Item when battle). Idk if I found all of hidden chest, if you do please send picture link in comment.

Edit: My voice is so small lmao
I also afk 5-10 minutes at times so feel free to skip those part

Nguồn: https://campaignforcivilrights.org/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://campaignforcivilrights.org/game/


  1. Hey bro we both viet but i love rise shield hero since good shows i didnt know this is possible

  2. I remember reading the web novel daily and someone in the comment said they were making a Game. I wonder if this the same one? and fuck the Anime. Sao did a rape scene and so did goblin slayer, Shield Hero should have been given the same treatment!

  3. Esto creo que haria que seria el doble de famoso no es coña espero que sigan con el juego yo creo que si porque vse a confirmado la segunda temporada y la tercera :v

  4. fan made game>>>official game
    (the matchmaking in this game is awfull,too easy,apart the part of the wawes that is a torture)

  5. It's probably in the comments and I missed it. After beating the first wave is that all of content? Do you know if they are coming out with more of the game? And if so is there any info on that I can find it?

  6. I think the programmer should’ve used art from the LN instead of the animes reference sheets for character portraits.


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