OVER 550! Smile Inc Highest Score!! RomanAtwood's Smile Inc App Game Gameplay with Commentary


In RomanAtwood’s smile inc game I got the highest Smile Inc Score that I’ve seen so far!! Over 550! In this video I’ll be playing more of the Smile inc App Game trying to get the highest score/highest run, and I show you how to get far on smile inc as well. I hope you guys enjoy the video!

How to Download Smile Inc App:

Smile Inc:


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Welcome to SMILE Inc.™!
Roman Atwood and crew have FINALLY decided to get real jobs – the only problem is where they’ve been hired!

Deadly booby traps, devious machinery, and ruthless contraptions clutter the floors of your new office. How far can you climb up the corporate ladder before the lethal reality of business claims another victim?


• TONS of playable characters to level-up!
• Hilarious cameos from the Smile More™ family!
• Insane traps to dodge and conquer!
• Over 50 missions with special objectives!
• Mystery boxes with special surprises!
• Powerups and special abilities to help you survive!
• …And MORE!

New missions every day and special holiday events means there’s always action happening at SMILE Inc.™!

Ready to get to work?

Nguồn: https://campaignforcivilrights.org/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://campaignforcivilrights.org/game/


  1. Let me ask though, Is level 11 the highest level because I'm stuck on level 11. I'm not sure if you're experiencing this problem as well.


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