PLEASE LET ME GO… | Captive Audience


I just want to go home. Please let me leave…
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  1. Am i the only one that sees the robots go in the rooms if the door is open and Yells at him to close them… why isnt he closing the doors

  2. Around 16:00 I thought to myself, "I'm watching a man play a game in which a bunch of people are watching a man play a game…"

  3. i honestly expected this to happen, mark was right about all of it just being fake… this still made me super sad. i feel bad for matt.

  4. As much I want to watch keep watching this, Marks voice is so damn loud compared to the game’s volume, that I can’t hear what the people are saying in game very well at max volume, and my ears just get blasted when mark speaks. This is hell. I only this is an older video but shesh.

  5. this game is interesting and all but seriously if you're gonna tell me if I don't make a choice and I don't choose, and the game doesn't actually do anything. then you need to make it where something will happen

  6. Pretty sure season 7 and 8 would flop miserably considering how Matt got tricked. Like if i was in his shoes, i wouldnt even care about living anymore and not even Julia can keep me from being strong again. Matt was burned out. I dont think he'll even care about the punishment and shit. Unless the producers somehow made those seasons where Julia is constantly in danger, i dont think Matt will have the energy to even smile. Just being a dead person in a living body.

  7. The amount of anxiety I got watching Mark fiddle around in a room taking his sweet ass time reading every single email under the sun while he left the door wide open—

  8. Guy: "Hello, hello-"

    Me: "wait a second you phone man dude guy bro purple guy man dude bro actual purpley man dude guy bro what are you doing in this game."


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