Redneck Life… Game Of The Year?!?


Chaz attempts to track down information about the company that selected Redneck Life for its 2006 Game Of The Year award. What kind of conspiracy will he discover during his search?

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  1. This was hilarious, witty and well done! Loved every obsessive moment! I too wondered at the incredulous claims of such an award. I would love to hear a detailed exposition on the actual game from Chez, as it is amazingly inconceivable and epic in reality ❤️

  2. Did you confirm the date of publishing for that particular game copy you had in your hands? Was it published after 2006? Or was it nonsensical marketing to have a game published in 2003 to be a 2006 GOTY? I wonder if the label was a joke in itself.

  3. I realize this is an old video but, with just 5 minutes on I was able to find all the old tgifcon websites and it all looks legit to me

  4. We travelled to TN this weekend and hit a few FLGS. It so happened that one of the stores had Redneck Life as well as its expansion! Yes, they actually made an expansion to this game! shakes head Just thought you might find that amusing. Also, I we were wondering what area you lived in that you find some treasures at thrift stores? We have gone to the ones around our area (Louisville, KY) and we might find one kidsname per visit… If that! You seem to find some gems! Love your show! 🙂

  5. I was hoping for a review of the actual game, but all you did was to follow some ancient thread.  The current box art does not feature the TGIFCon Logo.

    A review of a game should include your opinion of the play of it.  You barely touched on the game play and didn't in any way indicate what you actually didn't like about it OTHER than you didn't like one symbol on the box which is an OLDER version of the box which means (given the topic of your feed) you got it in a thrift store which means it could have actually been on the shelf since 2006.

    I PLAYED a bit of the game at Gencon (which probably won't go out of business) and laughed–which is the point.  It's a party game–the rules are simple and the cards and squares are designed to invoke humor which it did, so I bought it.  That one sentence is more of a review than your entire 11-minute presentation.

    It COULD win a Con award in 2006 BECAUSE the expansion pack was released that year thus, the game plus its expansion revision would be eligible for the award.

    In the modern world of bailouts, you may be shocked to learn that groups, companies, and events can become defunct (amazing).  Just because something doesn't exist in 2014 doesn't mean it didn't exist in 2006.  The web is not a record of all of history.

  6. I decided to do a little bit of research of my own and found the actual persons name and they claim to have won awards from their local chamber of commerce and more. They also have some dodgy technology business. She is obviously a fraud trying to get her company name out there to try to create trust that should not exist.


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