Another beautiful day in Tokyo and another rounf of game hunting in Akihabara. This time around I hit Retro Game Camp to dig through some retro Nintendo, Sega and more.
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  1. Man I consider myself lucky – that loose Super Metroid at 3480 yen was the equivalent of 44.20 CAD, and I got a complete Japanese copy in South Korean for the equivalent of 20 CAD. Wish I had more money when I was there cause they had some massive deals on stuff of all console generations going on. I think Zero Wing complete was the same price.

  2. Hi kidshoryuken i was just wondering whats best super famicom games 2 get r i do like my beaten up 1s and platform ones?

  3. I'd be nervous about a lot of those games being reproduced copies. They all seem to be in perfect shape too, no label damage or someone's name in permanent marker on them. I know its Japan but its hard to believe so many games that old, all in mint condition, even the box………………..

  4. Well Jim you knocked it out of the park today another top show once again. I have a few question's for you, first will you be doing a Japanese only release on Ps vita as I'm started to get into the system for the first time. The second question is we all love you walking around and talking but I was wondering would you ever do walks in other parts of Japan, I'm a new fan and I you don't know how much your shows have help me out thank you Jim

  5. Great video! I’ve never even heard of Ultracore before. I’ll definitely have to check it out. It’s awesome how many complete in box games are in Japanese stores. Do some stores have more accurate condition ratings than others?

  6. You're one lucky guy to be in Japan right now. Wish I had left the US before everything went down. ;-;
    Edit: Glad to hear you're a Dirty Pair fan. That's a classic, haha.

  7. what song did you use at the beginning, I really enjoy synthwave music so it sounds right up my alley. Also, thanks for the video!

  8. Hey what's that ending theme you always use. It sounds so familiar but I can't place it off hand. Also love your vids Jim.

  9. This is, by definition, one of the most beautiful stores of all time. One walk through those doors, and the clocks ticked 30+ years back into the past.

    Seriously. For just a moment, look in the store and recognize the absolute nostalgia. It’s momentous. This is the kind of atmosphere and ambience I think is good for children. (Not so much GAMING but that nostalgic environment where everything is just wonderful).

    America is so deluded with overly modernized social media influenced garbage. Everything is overly done, uncreative, lacking innovation and passion.

  10. Have Super Famicom (and Super Nintendo to a lessor extent) prices plummeted or am I misremembering the prices last time I was there?


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