Shield's Been Compromised – Hail Hydra – Let's Roll


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We’ve been betrayed while fighting off Marvel villains in the board game Hail Hydra.
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  1. I don't know if nobody caught on to Jeremy and Jack because I'm biased because I know they're the bad guys or if the rest of the table just had a bad day. Some of the moves seem so obvious. Jeremy using his power for no reason (when Ryan was limited and Jack only had bad cards) and Jack only having bad cards unless it suited him…also the accusatory nature of both (Jeremy is much more laid-back when innocent).

  2. Love lindsay and she has her place in the AH family, but in games like this that are team based and focused around deception she needs to put in more then 0% because it really screws over her team shes on, and I'd rather not be a dick and say she shouldn't be in the video because sometimes she does hit comedic gold, I just wish she didn't detract from the game to the point it's basically a podcast because the game itself becomes moot.

  3. The clue Jeremy was Hydra:

    In this game, when you are as good as Jeremy is at intrigue games, you don't "forget" to use an ability… and if you did honestly forget, you don't immediately announce it the moment it is too late.

  4. Don't know what is funnier, little Fiona turning into the actual man hulk or husky Jack turning into the sexy she hulk.

  5. poorly made game with little to no actual skill able to be played in a fun way for game its a game you dont even wont to play after the 1st game which makes me amased it even managed to become a gold star selling game that means a game that sold more then 50k copies world-wide show how much just the label of marvel can sell even a lousy game like this so much just think about it the game likely took less then a month to make cost less then $6 to be made per set yet sells for currently Nz$39.99 in my homeland of new zealand

  6. Here's the thing Jack is always good so in let's roll if he is bad you CAN'T F**KING TELL GOD DAMIT!! he is to good😂👍

  7. Ryan knows Jack too well. Is it because of TTT?
    I feel sorry for Matt, he only wanted to help… "IT MATT!!!" ~ Everyone Accuses!

  8. Yeah idk if I’m retarded or maybe I just never pay attention to rules but I never know wtf is going on in board games. I only stayed cause of Fiona 🥰

  9. This is like Heroes of the Multiverse (which would be an amazing game to play on the show) crossed with Resistance.

  10. Man it was so obvious it was Jack and Jeremy because Jack accused everybody but Jeremy at least twice and Jeremy who'd normally catch the bullshit didn't even bat an eye at it and they both called out the same 2 people a round after each other(Matt and Fiona) even though Ryan confirmed that Matt wasn't doing anything bad or lying.


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