SnowRunner – Overview Trailer | PS4


SnowRunner’s new Overview Trailer shows off everything you need to know about the game’s mountain of content, from trucks to missions to environments and much more, coming to PlayStation 4 on April 28, 2020.

SnowRunner puts you behind the wheel of a huge roster of 40 customizable off-road vehicles from manufacturers like Chevrolet, Caterpillar, Freightliner and more in some of the world’s most untamed, unforgiving environments. There are three new regions with 11 sandbox maps to explore, with more than three times the square mileage of the original MudRunner. These interconnected maps mean missions can connect between them, sending you on epic adventures as you drive to conquer the wilderness – alone or with up to three friends.

Master extreme hazards like snowbanks, ice, rivers and mud — each with their own unique challenges and physics — to get your mission completed as efficiently as possible. Huge variety of mission types await, and you can take on the elements alone or with friends online in fully synchronous four-player co-op multiplayer!

SnowRunner launches April 28, 2020 on PlayStation 4.


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  1. Please, I want you to increase more models. Land Cruiser, G Class 6×6, scania, MTVR8x8, F350, etc. Officially.

  2. The best strand type game solely because no like 30 minute cutscenes of cringey pretentious dialogue between each mission.

  3. Thanks for nothing! The most buggiest game I‘ve ever played on PS4. Crashed over ten times, I often cannot load another truck like the Western Star, because the load doesn’t stop on the truck, but through the truck on the ground. And now I‘m stuck in the garage.. I cannot select any option, restarting the game doesn‘t fix it… wasted over 30 hours of my life for nothing, thank you!

  4. This game is fun, but it has one of the worst, most sluggish steering interfaces of any simulation I've ever played. It tries to simulate the driver spinning the wheel, and does so linearly, so you could accidentally nudge to the left a little, and your driver will over-correct insanely. It's almost like steering is not analog, but binary like pressing the left and right arrows on the keyboard.

  5. Don’t bother with buying it. Freezes constantly, doesn’t currently support and wheel despite being advertised as doing so. Waste of money currently.

  6. Simulation games have come a long way, I think I will buy this game.

    It’s like playing with toy trucks but, in a physical environment, lol.


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