Sonic Inflation Adventure 2: Battle – Part 2 (Game n' Chat)


Disclaimer: In the next three parts, there were some audio issues. That’s what I get for trying to record our voices and the game on the same audio track to save time in editing.

This video isn’t really suitable for the workplace and not really suitable for all ages. Welcome to Sonic Inflation. No, it is not a game about the economy. (I’m sure someone has already used that joke somewhere). This is a collab video for a different series that I did with fellow gaming YouTuber, KalathraGames, a while back. It’s a pretty funny one.

There’ll be drama, romance, comedy and a mystery. Don’t miss out on this action-filled (and air-filled) adventure. (What am I doing with my life?)

Is this what the Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase has come to?


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  1. These videos are so educational. I now know that ASMR = Brain Wank and that any green hedgehog probably has a tattoo saying "SMOKE WEED OR DIE." I hope to see more from your new series 50 Shades of Inflation in Court.


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