Space Invaders Arcade1Up – Arcade Game Factory Economy Marquee Review


Last Month Arcade Game Factory had a run of Economy Marquee’s on sale for $32.95. Is it quality or cost that motivates your Marquee purchase?

Check out our quick review of this Marquee and if interested in ordering one go to:

Note: I purchased mine on 9/27/19, as of today I did not see these available as an option on their website anymore however I would recommend sending an email to Scott Evans through the website and let him know you are interested in the Economy Marquee and if they are available/how to order

Also – don’t forget when ordering Lit Risers, Bezel Kits and Monitor Mount Kits from to enter the coupon code “PDubs” to save an extra 10% off your order.

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  1. Thanks for watching everyone! Let us know what you think of Space Invaders, Arcade Game Factory and their products below! 🙂 Please consider subscribing as well.

  2. That looks great! I am waiting to see what Arcade1Up is going to do with their lit marquee offerings but I’m am considering the arcade game factory light box and looking for reviews on that one. Also what happened to your MK Plexiglass? I have a huge issue with mine where the bezel wasn’t centred correctly. They sent me two replace plexiglass pieces and they are more centuries but doesn’t fit the screen

  3. That actually even looks good on camera!!! I’m about to start modding mine. I’m going to try all the different companies and see which one I like best. I think there’s around 5 decent ones to choose from. This being one of them

  4. Yes this is by far the best marquee on the market. The quality of work on this marquee is excellent. The only down side is the waiting for your order. I had to wait 6 weeks for my marquee.

  5. I just received my Galaga marquee from Arcade Factory. There are no pre-drilled holes in the marquee, did you have to drill holes to install yours?

  6. Thanks for the video! Other than the cheaper plastic that you mentioned, is there any difference between this economy marquee and the more expensive one? Do they pretty much look the same when lit?

  7. That’s is unbelievable. Outrageous. Inaceptable. A video from you without “anywho”. I always take a shot of tequila when you said it.

  8. Awesome loft arcade dude. Did you get the TMNT cab yet? I have no space in my house to have many arcade 1ups or anything, but a couple years ago I built a GRS cab with a PI in it and play all my arcade games that way. Can't wait to see more from your channel keep up the great work.

  9. Hi dude! A 60 in 1 mod would be the final touch. It really looks much better this way! Congrats!!
    Edit: I guess the link is arcadegamefactory not "gane"

  10. Well no one knows space invaders that's so boring not worth 50 bucks if you paid over that price you're a idiot


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