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This is a walkthrough of an awesome retro video game store located in Waco, TX.

Special FX Game Exchange’s website:

Logo animated intro by Danny Carter, and channel banner by Dave (YouTuber

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  1. the special video game exchange in the richland mall hire rude employees i hate that store they just lost thier best customer

  2. There's a new video game store at the Berkshire Mall at Lanesboro Ma called, Jay Street Video Games. That place is better than Gamestop because they got almost everything like NES games to PS3 & 360, original old game systems that are maybe be still in their boxes, old game walkthrough books and a good amount of accessories.

  3. Hey, would you mind giving me the number to the store? I have some questions. I google'd the number but it seems to be taken by someone else.

    Pleas and thank you. Bye

  4. im in the back with the elmo hat and my freind alex is in the blue hollister jacket(1:08 – 1:13) love this store bought my virtual boy here and great guy named cody works here he is great with repairs repaired my atari! not sure if they still have it but super low prices had a nes top loader great condition ~$90 highly recommended store!

  5. Thats what i thought, until i googled "Retro game stores in Minnasota" you would do what ever state you live in, they most likely have at least one in each state

  6. I hear you. I love Gamester's channel, but when he takes us on these tours of classic game stores, I'm filled with envy! I have one retro store nearby, but the selection is very limited, and their cabinet of rare games is modest. I don't have a lot of time to hunt for games at yard sales and thrift stores, so I'm usually forced to find my games on eBay, where people literally throw money by the fistfuls at auctioneers. No way. Waco is the way to go!

  7. Dude… you were in waco? i live in waco. if you ever come back through you should check out games n things.

  8. Holy shit, I miss going into stores and seeing Nintendo 64 games. It's like you've just walked into Babbage's in 1996. Incredible!


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