Storage Wars: Top 3 Best Lockers | A&E


A compilation of some of the best locker bids leading to the highest profits in Storage Wars history, including Darrell finding 50 original signed western paintings and Dave scoring expensive disco lights from China. #StorageWars
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Packed with dramatic bidding, intense rivalries and quirky personalities, “Storage Wars” follows treasure hunters Darrell, Brandon, Jarrod, and Brandi as they seek to score big in the high-stakes world of storage auctions.

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  1. This big crystal at least $15,000 and the small one at least $6,000… so conservatively for the both I’m gonna say $25,000

  2. How is this real? xD
    Are they like wildly overestimating the value willy nilly?
    Did they ACTUALLY get that value when all the items were finally sold?
    Or did they just get like 2% of that because no actual customers wanted to pay their asking price?

  3. Imagine a crossover between Storage Wars and Pawn Stars

    Pawn stars: "what do we got here?"

    Storage wars: "Genghis Khan sword that he used to execute thousands of generals and the original bible signed by Adolf Hitler and the holy grail"

    Pawn stars: "so how much do you want?"

    Storage wars: "1200$"

    Pawn stars: "best I can do is 3$, a Pepsi and a cookie"

    Storage wars: "But I was told that it'd be worth 1200$"

    Pawn stars: "And I was told that Black Hitler is the reincarnation of New Jesus"

    Storage wars: "what?"

    Pawn stars: "huh?"

    Storage wars: "what?"

    Pawn stars: "Nevermind. Is it ok if I call my friend who's an expert in this"

    Storage wars: "but my friend appraised this already"

    Pawn stars: "but is he an expert tho?"

    Storage wars: "so you're saying that your friend is the ONLY expert"

    Pawn stars: "ok so what's your final decision? how much you want"

    Storage wars: "1200$"

    Pawn stars: "best I can do is 50 bucks, not a dime more and I'm taking a huge risk here. "

    Storage wars: "1100$"

    Pawn stars: "60 and not anymore unless you let my expert friend take a look at this"

    well, you know how the rest of this conversation will end.


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