The Game that Changed Modern Television


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The infamous “Heidi” game stands out as the most awkward moment in NFL history. It’s a good thing it happened though, as it convinced networks to change their rules regarding what happens when games run overtime.

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  1. I was in college, married, sitting in my apartment on a Sunday afternoon watching the Jets/Raiders game. With a couple minutes left in the game, the network cut out and brought us "Heidi". I was pissed. Then when I learned later than Oakland won, I was really pissed. It's weird that over 50 years later I clearly remember the moment.

  2. My best friend is a Jets fan and I can say they are even more pathetic than Browns fans. He talks as if the "glory days", of the late 60s-early 70s happened yesterday. The pathetic part is that he was born 5 or 6 years after those events.

  3. Yep they won after people in the NFL corporate offices took the raider's out and got them drunk the night before.

  4. This is insane this game really changed it for ever what a story and the switch was insane like WHAT I love this video

  5. I’ve lived in Philly and been an Eagles’ fan my whole life. I have never felt empathy like the moment I saw that dildo bouncing on the turf in Buffalo. We have been hearing from every fan base in America about us throwing snowballs at Santa Claus for generations and Bills fans will be hearing about that dildo 50 years from now. I know just how they’ll feel.

  6. People today don’t realize how much Joe Namath did for the sport. My grandfather says that him and 8 friends would go to the bar downtown to watch football games and when Broadway Joe started building notoriety all their wives would go with them and were even more rowdy watching the game then the guys were😂

  7. "Keep in mind that there's no internet, no Sports Center, and no cable …" Okay, but there WAS radio, wasn't there???

  8. I've never forgotten asking: "Mom? Why did they switch to stupid Heidi?" Fortunately, it was "just" a November game, and the good stuff was still ahead. Thinking about it, that's about the last time this Jets fan… well… you know. (sigh)

  9. My wife totally goes for that kind of movie, and I bleed Silver and Black, had we been married back in ‘68, she would have been laughing over Heidi’s triumph.

  10. Joe is the man they call him the king he Said no we the king we are a team brother, Mayock Gruden Building the Superbowl Dynasty Team Raiders For life Baby

  11. You mistakenly refer to this game within the context of what you call the “History of the ‘NFL’”. This was an “AFL” Game.

  12. Dude I’m playing madden 20 while I was watching this for the 20th time and I was the raiders vs the jets and it mentioned this event omg 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Here's another thing about the game that really pissed people off. The raiders were favored by 7 and a half points. So when the game cut off and the jets were ahead by 3 points everyone on the east coast that had money on the jets thought they had won the bet.

  14. Heidi interrupts a pro football game then a pro football game interrupts an important scene in the movie ironic

  15. Yeah have been searching for this for HOURS, because when I was 8, I remember my grandpa telling me about this happening 😂😂😂

  16. Raiders v Jets 2019:
    Heidi gets higher ratings.
    If they interrupt Heidi for that game there would be riots in the streets.

  17. I mean it is nice that games go on until the very end, but on the other hand an MLB game going really really late, meant the local news was on at about midnight, and the MadTV episode I wanted to watch that night didn't come on until 1am :/

  18. I was watching that game. When they switched to Heidi, I did not know what happened. I went outside to play. I did not know we won until the next day. The funny thing is, I have not or never will watch Heidi, lol


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