The Nicktoons Crossover Saga


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An issue came up when recording footage for Nicktoons Unite so I had to use footage from this video when talking about that game –

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  1. Battle for volcano island was my favorite as a kid I’d probably like attack of the toybots just as much if the story mode was co op cause playing with friends is when the fun on these games peak.

  2. In the DS version of volcano island is much more interesting, because you get 3 characters. Spongebob, Timmy and Danny, the side characters are Patrick, Jimmy and Tucker. I enjoy it quite a lot but that’s my opinion

  3. 2:33 this reminds me of how the Ultimate Genesis Collection was called Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection in the West but in the pal/eastern regions it was called Mega Drive: Ultimate Collection, it's only funny because we just took the pal/eastern box art and just slapped Sonic's smug shit eating grin on it

  4. When you think about, Invader Zims town he lives in doesnt even have a name. It may aswell be named HumanLivesHereVil

  5. I remember playing these games as kid, and playing them with my sister. Attack of the Toybots was the only Nicktoons crossover game I beaten solo. In UNITE, we got stuck at the boss of the Goddard level because the camera wouldn't go far enough for us to hit something. Battle for Volcano Island, I fucked out in the main hub after beating the game. Globs of Doom if you're playing it in Co-op, the final boss is a full on PvP.

  6. Even so I didn't know how to save and was awful at the game, this game was my childhood!
    I recommend everyone who wants to play ps2 games to play this game.

    I think globs of doom was the game that has giant bubble bass trying to eat you, scared me as a child.

    But still I had far from too much games, I had like every good children game on ps2, except battle for bikini bottom.

    Thanks for reading.

    Tom and jerry, power rangers, bakugan more!

    And I pirated my psp so that doesn't count.

  7. Globs of Doom was the first video game I actually remember playing the only catch is I could never make it through bikini bottom because my game would never save

  8. 13:01
    Nobody’s gonna talk about Danny Phantom launching SpongeBob from Squidward’s dick while he’s strapped to an S&M rig?


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