The Post Game CONTENT in Kingdom Hearts 3! – Discussion ft. KHCentral


Post Game Content in Kingdom Hearts 3 is something we’re all interested in hearing about. After we finish the game we wonder what else there will be to play and enjoy..

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Post Game Content in most video game genres is very important and sometimes can set the mood for how much content a game is going to have. It’s the thing that keeps you coming back year after year even though the game has been out for a while and there’s new things to play. It adds lots of replay value to a title. There’s plenty of ideas going around about what Kingdom Hearts 3 can do for Post Game Content. Today I bring a friend of mine KHCentral onto the channel and we talk about What we think Kingdom Hearts 3 will provide for fans in terms of Post Game material!


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  1. This game was way too easy. I had to turn it on proud mode immediately because I couldn't even die when I tried to on normal mode.

  2. make it online and make it so like 10 people can click play online and do DLC boss fights that are super hard and have chance to drop items to craft free dlc keyblades and maybe 1 extremely hard boss that drops a keyblade thats super good i always thought kingdom hearts would be really fun with online boss fights
    edit: literally 100 percented the game in 3 days and have nothing to do literally takes 30 minutes to get to level 99 id pay 200 dollars to play kh3 online

  3. For DLC I just want more worlds to explore, maybe they all could have a story but the story won’t have anything to do with the overall story, it’s just for the world.

  4. DLC and/or a Final Mix need to massively expand the post game content. Boss battles and coliseum tournament are a must. KH2 Final Mix had a huge amount of postgame content, especially with the new area in hollow bastion and all the organization 13 battles

  5. All you get are some battlegates to fight normal enemies, and 1 super easy secret boss(that's just a heartless). There's your endgame. 🙁

    No colleseum. No crazy keyblades. No cavern. No sephiroth. No nothing.

  6. battle tournaments were so dope. i want some of those. def some more secret bosses!!! only one in this game? are you kidding?!?!

  7. Love how the word discussion is slipped in at the end. What a stupid idea for a video, what MIGHT be in the post game content. How about I make a video about what consistency my next shit might be. Different topic same results, absolutely pointless discussion video. Click bait garbage.

  8. All I want is:
    – a Sephiroth fight;
    – Critical mode unlocked from the beginning (DDD and 0.2 pissed me off on that aspect).

  9. Extra bosses for sure, new keyblades, extra hard gummi missions, two sephiroth fights, i want a whole extra world that opens up where everything is lvl 99+ so its all really hard and at the end is like one save point, a moogle and a door. Behind that door ia like a super hard master level black hooded… Yen Sid. He pulls a keyblade, to which the severed head of Walt, is attached, and whoops your ass forever. You cant win. You cant escape. You are trapped in endless hell. Untill you submit to the will of Disney, and 9 more Kh games because i WILL want more after all that…

  10. I hope there isn't just Paid DLC Packs but maybe some Freebie DLC Packs and here's what i want…

    1: Extra Disney Worlds (Some can be Paid or some could be Free)
    2: Extra Side Quests
    3: Episodes
    4: Coliseum Tournaments (Since we haven't heard anything from it yet)
    5: Cavern of Remembrance like Area.

  11. I think character DLC would be cool since it won't interrupt the main storyline. It could be a sidestory to add depth to the game

  12. I know that they've said that there won't be a Final Mix, but I do fear that Square may do what they did with FFXV and release new content later and have a complete edition (similar to FFXV's Royal Edition). While I hope that's not the case, FFXV as a base game has TONS of stuff in it, and yet they still managed to milk that for tons of new content as well. I could see SE attempting to do that again with KH3, but only time will tell. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Looking forward to more!

  13. I think there will probably be a "Final Mix" expansion pack that comes with a bunch of content. A few years later the game will be repackaged as KH3 Final Mix with all content included.

  14. 9:53 oh so you wanna wait at least another decade. Nice you’re so smart. You know you could die in this time right ? World dlcs would be good also story dlcs would be good. Just like spiderman the dlcs aren’t important to the story they’re just little extra story dlcs with new places and characters.

  15. I wonder how much content and features there even is left ? They’ve showed so much this year that I doubt there’s much more they’ve showed a bit too much from the Olympus and toy story world. And I’m worried because I wanted most of this game to be surprises. I’m personally not gonna watch anymore trailers or teasers for the game until release because it’s a game that I just wanna experience myself I don’t wanna get spoiled anymore they spoiled aqua, who would save her, spoiled data riku, they’ve showed so much man. I’m truly worried.

  16. I’ve heard that there could be but I’m not sure if it will make in, I’m hoping for character customization similar to 0.2. It gives another list to do by whether exploring, do a certain condition or fight a boss and you’re reward by dressing up playable characters with color changes or accessories

  17. I want something like Dungeons and if you beat the dungeon you get this awesome Keyblade or a boss in a dungeon

  18. I personally think post game worlds or post game story could be awesome. Imagine if they used that as some of the set up for the next saga. I mean we never know how long a sequel could take and some breadcrumbs of what may be to come would help drive the anticipation of the fans and communities. I'm also hoping for substantial dlc just because more game haha would be very disappointed if all the gave for dlc was skins, keyblades and minigames.


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