This is too gay for me, I'm out I Banned from equestria daily 1.5 – Spike Guest


I really hate those guards, and the game developer


If you don’t see subtitles and the video is in spanish, just wait, I am translating it or you could also try to remind me to translate the video in case I forget

Help me translate here!

Don’t ask for uncensored versions because youtube doesn’t allow explicit material, this video doesn’t contain anything explicit and it’s focused commentary and other aspects of the game. Don’t ask us for the link since that’s also against the youtube terms of service.

Remember, this is a Christian server, please don’t ask us for sins since we don’t promote that. (Test) ehfrgdhkbreskgdbxofvuebvsdxubjfevzfuosdbk


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  1. I regret censoring the scenes rather than removing them
    Me arrepiento de censurar las escenas en vez de quitarlas

  2. Whoever done this to My Little Pony you are a disgrace towards Humanity and people at Hasbro why would you make such horrible Dave cuz when children go to find this out My Little Pony I'll be like don't forget


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