Top 10 Anticipated Board Games of 2020 with the Game Boy Geek


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In this video I show off my top 10 anticipated board games for 2020! These are the board games I am most excited about after going to the GAMA Trade Show!

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My videos of these games
Loot of Lima –

Search for Planet X –

Think Str8 –

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  1. I wanted Rococo but I just couldn't justify that price tag. EGG does great work but the prices are just getting too high.

  2. Good list… I did just learn of three or four new interesting games I hadn't heard of… I am very sorry though that I missed your Kickstarter… Things got so crazy the last couple weeks that I went to the page today and it had just ended… Please forgive me… Is there any way I can still Kickstart it? I have the last year or two, and I was really looking forward to doing it again this year…

  3. Lol love the Steven Seagal character from the Under Siege movies. Had to watch this twice to make sure I saw what I thought I did.


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