Top 10 Games of the Year (2019) with the Game Boy Geek


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My best board games – Top 10 Board Games of 2019! Here I go through my top 10 games of 2019!

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Reviews of all Games Highlighted in this video:
Push –
Quirky Circuits –
Q.E. –
Marvel Champions –
Campaign Trail –
Point Salad –
Bumuntu –
The Crew –
Mandala –
Football Highlights 2052 –

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  1. Football Higlights 2052 as Game of the Year is an odd choice – whatever the merits of the mechanisms, American Football is a very… American phenomenon, with very few outside the US having any real interest in the sport – maybe with a different theme/skin as mentioned it might make sense – as it is, not something non-fans of the sport would find appealing (as an equivalent imagine if the theme was cricket or Gaelic Football :p)

  2. Thanks for turning me on to Mandala. I got this based on your recommendation and it's quickly become me and my wife's favorite 2-player game.

  3. Happy to see Point Salad make your list. I picked it up after watching a playthrough video and it seemed like they were all having fun. My experience with playing it is much like yours – it is always a hit. One of the few that we play play multiple times at game night.

  4. Great video! Just a tip. I think you should add the games cover to the video. Visual memory is important and next time I hear about a game you have already mentioned I might not remember.

  5. I've never been into sports so I would've completely overlooked Football Highlights 2052. Also, you're the only review channel who put it on your top 10 this year. Always glad to be surprised with these lists!

  6. Wow! A top 10 list that suits my tastes? This doesn't happen that often with so many heavy games in the market. Thank you once again and Happy New Year!

  7. No "Wingspan" or "Tapestry"??? I have no affiliation with Stonemaier games, but both of those games were fantastic additions to my collection and will be enjoyed for many years to come. I absolutely guarantee that those games will still be played after "Bumuntu" and "Push" are long forgotten….

  8. Dan – Some constructive comments I'd like to share. We have enjoyed watching your series for end of year, but having mostly rerecorded audio was quite disappointing. Having reuse of video doesnt bother me, but tuning in the last few days I am bored of hearing the exact same audio. Why not talk about why these games are in the top 10. How many plays did you have? When was the last time you played it? What made it memorable? Your comments for #1 is more of what I would have liked to hear about for all of these.

  9. Great list, Dan, that will have wide appeal. Like many experienced gamers I see you're going for light, fast, slimline stuff these days. I'll pass on Marvel and US football, though! Also, the art on Mandala is bloody awful. It looks like a hippy tie dye convention – give me lost cities or battleline over that one I think.

  10. Top Ten for 2019

    10. Kingdomino Duel
    9. Coeverden
    8. Call To Adventure
    7. On the Underground London/Berlin
    6. Nocturion
    5. Tapestry
    4. Lockup: A Roll Player Tale
    3. Cartographers
    2. Wingspan
    1. Tainted Grail

  11. not surprised football highlights is #1 for you haha maybe u can do timestamps for each game introduced. helps the viewers alot!

    im surprised that "kings dilemma" wasnt on your list this year, reasons?

  12. Thanks, Dan! Great fun as always and you introduced me to a few new games I will have to pick up! I am so glad you enjoyed Football Highlights 2052. Mike and I put a lot of love into this one.

  13. I think you should change your channel name to “The Gateway Geek”. Lol – i def do not share your taste in games, but I’m gonna pick up Mandala based off your high praise!

  14. I love your gaming style, light to medium Euro? Very similar to mine. Just wondering if you play the likes of Gloomhaven?


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