Village Life: Part 01 – Here we go again


Thank you so much for watching!

Here we go again with old and new things to discover!
Game Creators: Playdemic
Commentary: Metalreita
Outro music: Adrian Von Ziegler

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  1. I miss this game! I actually feel sick knowing I can't play this anymore. It is really horrible. Why do these people close legendary games!

  2. thank u for uploading a video of this game. now that this game is gone…. all I can do is watch videos of it ::(

  3. I really wish they hadn’t discontinued this game… I love this game… 💔😢😭

  4. hi this Colleen Elliott I love village game for long time since 2013 from facebook village life . here I have Acer computer and my phone Andriod . I just wonder share to play game village life I love to this play games village life . do you have free download for village game life with this ?. if you like to add me ?. my name is Colleen Elliott . please let me know .

  5. I really love your village life I love when you played it you can try and find me my name is James Ranson you had me on your old game


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