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Danganronpa, also known in some countries Hinata’s search for Despacito 2 is a fantastic anime video game. This Playstation based Visual Novel turned franchise turned hitmaker is one of Spike Chunsoft’s most beloved gaming series and I’m here to tell you why you too should get in on it. This Retrospective will go into as much detail as I, some American dude can do without having a ton of bitcoin to cash in for a plane ticket.

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  1. I love this video, and I’m extremely grateful you introduced me to Danganrompa, Austin…

    …But that is not an accurate description of Ace Attorney 🤨

  2. mans is like "yeah it's true i haven't played ultra despair girls and all my knowledge of it is from a simple plot synopsis but it sucks >:(("

  3. I hate the game with all the fury of the world. Sorry it's not my cup of tea. It's missed potential. (Not trying to start a war here)

  4. Came to this video after playing the first game. Wanted to know if it was worth it to continue. Cuz sequels with anything tend to be hit or miss (and idk if i could stand to play another game as a protagonist as generic and boring as makoto). But now I think I'll definitely be continuing on with the franchise up to V3. I've heard the soundtrack and art style of the first can't be topped but I think I'll just keep dat hope close to home as I delve further into the story which really has piqued my interest. I greatly appreciate your making of this video.

  5. Danganronpa doesn't get enough credit for what it does for games in general. The game doesn't pull it's punches, it makes it so the murder was made by someone without malice intent or completely by accident. It will have you be the asshole for finding the truth, even for playing the game at all. Very rarely it hands you satisfaction and most conclusions lead you back to despair. It fucking sucks and it's beautiful. Very few games will bombard you with negative experiences and dare you to stop and run away with a wink and a cheeky smile.

    But it sucks that the game only has English local and I can't recommend it to my friends because some of them don't speak English

  6. Honestly I'm not a big fan of DR3, and yes, the plot twist is why. (Not THE plot twist, the more… narrative…plot twist) It just kinda sucks, because I love the series so much. If they ever make a 4th game series I'll revisit 3, but for right now, my DR library is 1,2 and Ultra Despair Girls

  7. So you haven't played ultra despair girls, so you don't really have any way to judge it properly, so your negatives are rubbish.
    I loved the game, it isn't just a 3rd person shooter, it's probably one of the most thoughtful third person shooters I've ever played, you have all the ammo types and it becomes a match of using specific ammos on specific types of enemies to get specific effects, and using it to take out waves of enemies. Shoot the intercom packing ones with the dance one, all them rush in to dance with it, shoot the bomb one, it falls, all it's bombs wipe out the whole lot, make the ball one effected, use the push bullet to bowl over other monokuma, etc etc. Especially the challenges, they are EXTREMELY puzzley, it's a thoughtful third person shooter once you start to get different ammo types. Also the story was great.
    "I've never played through it" "she has no personality, even though I've never played the game to find out"

    Fuck v3's last trial, it turned that game from a 10/10 to a 0/10, and I genuinely think that.

    I had a byakuya cosplay for the cons this year, but they were all cancelled (for good reason but still, rip)

  8. I understand how it's kinda impossible to talk about the later titles without spoilers, this video does have a lot of visual spoilers.

    If you did find this comment before watching this video, trust me, just go play the game. Do it blind. Danganronpa spoilers are the WORST!

  9. i started danganronpa after seeing a lot of my friends talk about it and holy HELL it's insane. i'm half-way through trigger happy havoc and i fell in LOVE! a thing i really like about the series is the unpredictability, especially of the deaths, and the free time makes it SO MUCH BETTER. knowing that the characters you're so invested in could die at any moment and there's hardly any way of knowing who until it happens is kinda heart-wrenching. also, the killers are really unpredictable but once they and their motives have been revealed it's just,,,, yeah


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