Yoyogames Sandbox – Debbie Diver


I really didn’t expect to play this stupid game all the way to the end. Fortunately Rodrigo’s games are as short as they are well-drawn. This one was a lot more fun than the previous one on my list, and strangely addictive. I have to admit, Debbie’s animations are pretty hilarious. This game probably is the most fun and whimsical out of his library, with Clown and Secretaries coming in at a close second.

As far as the use of the fetish itself, I’m torn between amused and disturbed. One thing this artist has over other, more grotesque inflation artists: he tries to inject personality into his animations (in addition to lots of compressed air), so even if you don’t find the concept of ballooning women sexy, you may at least find it funny.

Nguồn: https://campaignforcivilrights.org/

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  1. Hey, our friend Rodrigo gave a speech about his fetish for inflating sexy women https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGjUV-znA3M

  2. Even with the repulsion you feel towards "that" thing all these games have in common, I'm really pleased with your descriptions. And you are giving me some feedback as how they may be perceived outside the Inflation community.

    Maybe I was a little naive thinking nobody out of the "expansion circles" would notice there exists an inflation fetish by playing these games. I guessed people would just think of this as a peculiar mark present in all my works.

    They are targeted to two kind of audiences:

    1. Inflation fans
    2. "Normal people". Those who do not have an obsession with inflating characters, yet might find the situation amusing.

    I do have a fixation with ballooning women, yet my favourite Inflation scenes come from actual cartoons and live action movies, made for general audiences(Pluto cartoons, The Naked Gun movies, etc). So when creating my products I visualize them as being distributed by the mainstream media.

    That's probably why you are finding some appeal in them, even as an "outsider" 🙂

  3. Our Lord and Saviour Rodrigo has a commercial release! Of Clown and Sentries no less. You can buy it for 8 bucks via PayPal? Weird heh. May just try it later for the lulz. http://pballooned.deviantart.com/journal/Clown-Secretaries-Added-another-Background-Music-493724691

    And fucking hell that balloon mechanic is hilarious.


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